Information Technology

Welcome to St Luke's Information Technology (IT) Department. Here, you'll find information on student and home technology requirements, device specifications, preferred suppliers, warranties and damage protection, St Luke's School App, and a Frequently Asked Question section.

Meet Shane Hannant, Director of ICT

St Luke's Director of ICT, Shane Hannant holds both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Information Technology, a Graduate Certificate in Project Management, is a member of the Australian Computer Society, and is part of St Luke's Senior Leadership Team. With a career in IT extending 15 years, Shane has mastered his craft across industries including banking, Government, private enterprise, and now, education. Commencing with St Luke's in 2014, Shane leads a strong Information, Communication and Technology Department team of three, who ensure an efficient, safe, and modern school computing infrastructure. 

For questions about St Luke's IT, including student and parent networking, software use, and general computing:

Phone: (07) 4132 7522

Email: Click Here

Introduction to the ICT systems for Parents at St Luke's Anglican School.

ELC Parents will utilise OWNA, a 3rd party parent communication tool, you will receive login information via email from the ELC staff.

Parent Lounge is used by All Prep to Year 12 parents

All Prep to Year 12 parents can access Parent Lounge, which is used for approving excursions, booking Parent Teacher Interviews, reviewing your students' Academic Results and also updating contact and medical details with the School.

Primary Parents will utilise Seesaw, a 3rd party parent communication tool. You will receive login information from your classroom teacher. 

Middle and Senior Parents utilise Canvas and Learning Analytics in addition to Parent Lounge.

Canvas is our Learning Management System (LMS) and is used to distribute course content to the students along with assessment submissions. As a parent you are able to observe this information of your students.

Learning Analytics includes individual assessment results as soon as teachers enter them, allowing parents to receive feedback much sooner compared to waiting for the end of semester report, additionally, the package is used in setting academic and non-academic goals.

Canvas, Learning Analytics and Parent Lounge are accessible through the Parent Portal via our single sign-on experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is used for by our Prep to Year 12 parents. 

The Parent Portal uses your personal email address listed with the school as your username for convenience.

Your user name is eg.

If you are accessing the new Parent Portal for the first time, simply click here to perform a first time password setup using your email address as your username. This email can sometimes go to junk mail, also don't navigate away from this screen before entering the code.

Once complete you are then able to access the Parent Portal via the link below using your email address as your username and newly set password.
Please click here to access the St Luke's Parent Portal.

Parent Orbit App

Free to St Luke's school community and password safe with unique parent login, the Parent Orbit App is a one-stop shop for access to portals and software needed for schooling organisation and communication for years Prep to Year 12. 

Faster, Easier, and Safer Access

  • More targeted correspondence 
  • Events and in-app approved payments
  • Daily notices
  • School Calendar
  • Diary for student timetabling
  • Absentee submission
  • Academic reports
  • Updating medical and address details
  • Fees payments

Installing, Accessing and Using Parent Orbit App

  1. Go to: You’ll be directed to the Apple or Google store.

  2. Click on our school name then tap the login button.

  3. Enter your Parent Portal credentials onto the login screen that appears.

If you have already downloaded the app from the app store, you can use the School Code to add an account.

Our School Code is: stlukes


Bring Your Own Technology - Years 7 to 12

St Luke’s Anglican School has a Bring Your Own Technology requirement, in which students from Year 7 to 12 are required to bring their devices from home to access the wireless network throughout the campus and to assist in their learning.

Students in Year 7 to 12 at St Luke's are required to bring their own portable laptop device to school each day. This assists in their learning and subject access to e-textbooks, email, the internet, student portal and the School's comprehensive G-Suite Network.  

Student laptop devices must  be capable of running a fully featured version of Google Chrome and have a keyboard. Examples of such devices, in order of School preference are:

  • Google Chromebook (current recommended model: Lenovo 300e Chromebook Gen 4 Chromebook)
  • MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or MacBook
  • Windows 11 laptop

Limitations exist where connectivity and functions are concerned for iPads, Androids (Samsung etc), Windows RT and Windows 11 S-based tablets. So, while the School understands the value that these devices can add to educational outcomes, we regard them as secondary devices. Students may bring these devices if they wish, and they will be supported by the ICT team, but it is important that students have a fully functional device such as those in the above preferred device list. 

Device Specifications

To ensure the device is as useful as possible, the School recommends that the specifications below are adhered to. These specifications will ensure speed and longevity of the device in the modern learning environment and should render the device serviceable for at least three years.

Chromebook (recommended)

  • Memory: 4GB RAM or higher
  • Storage: 16GB SSD/eMMC or higher
  • WIFI: 802.11n 5 GHz minimum (802.11ac recommended)
  • Screen size: 10” – 13” (touchscreen optional)
  • Advertised battery life: At least 6 hours
  • Maximum weight: 2kg

MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or MacBook

  • Memory: 8GB RAM or higher
  • Storage: 128GB SSD or higher
  • WIFI: 802.11n 5 GHz minimum (802.11ac recommended)
  • Screen size: 10” – 13”
  • Advertised battery life: At least 6 hours
  • Maximum weight: 2kg

Windows 11 Laptop

  • Memory: 8GB RAM or higher (16GB RAM Recommended)
  • Storage: 128GB SSD or higher
  • WIFI: 802.11n 5 GHz minimum (802.11ac recommended)
  • Screen size: 10” – 13” (touchscreen optional)
  • Advertised battery life: At least 6 hours
  • Maximum weight: 2kg

Note: Windows S and Windows RT are not suitable for use as a student's main device.

Note: BYO devices are required only for general schoolwork and study. For any student attending specialist technology subjects which might include 3D modelling, gaming engines, coding, design, or multi-media elements, specialised computers and software are available for use in the St Luke's Technology Labs. 

Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection

Laptops do break down and can be accidentally damaged, especially within busy school life. Therefore, St Luke's recommends investigating an Accidental Damage Protection  insurance option for your child/ren's school technology devices through your insurance provider.

Preferred Technology Suppliers

Queensland Computers

St Luke's works closely and often with Queensland Computers. Queensland Computers are local stockists of all three types of St Luke's preferred devices (Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows-based laptops).  

JB HiFi Education (Online)

Alternatively, JB HiFi offer a Solutions for Education website, where parents can purchase devices and have them delivered, as well as investigate extended warranty, accessories, and insurance options. To access the education portal please click on the button link below and enter St Luke's unique code of ‘­­­­­STLUKES2024’.  JB HiFi Education BYOD FAQ Toolkit for Parents