Why St Lukes?

St Luke's Anglican School offers your child the best quality education in the region and includes free tutoring, the highest number of Highly Accomplished teachers, the highest NAPLAN scores, an attentive Pastoral Care Program, career and tertiary education readiness, and a vast array of opportunities through Academic, Cultural, Service and Sporting activities. The Australian newspaper recently rated St Luke’s Anglican School as one of the top 50 schools in regional Australia. There were only six other schools in Queensland to receive this honour, and no other schools in the Bundaberg District or Wide Bay Region.

Academic Achievement

St Luke’s Anglican School has consistent academic and educational success, and has an impressive track record of scoring among the best schools in Australia in student achievement. Our students regularly achieve exceptional results in a range of State and National challenges and competitions, and our school consistently ranks as one of the top schools in Queensland based upon any measure. 


For further details of NAPLAN, please visit www.myschool.edu.au.

ATAR, 2023

  • 12% of St Luke's students received an ATAR between 99.95 and 95.00.
  • 23% of students received an ATAR above 90.00.
  • 54% of students received an ATAR above 80.00.
  • 23% of students were awarded one or more VET qualifications.

For more information on St Luke's Academics, please click here.

Highest Quality Educators

St Luke's Anglican School handpicks each and every teacher and supports continued professional development and attentive support of its teaching staff for the duration of their career. The result of this is an incredibly high standard of teaching and a particularly stable teaching staff.

Renowned for working in partnership with parents and students to help each student achieve his or her personal best, the St Luke’s teaching framework, which underpins the academic curriculum, is an innovative program which promotes the development of higher-order thinking, intelligent behaviour and a dedication to learning throughout a student’s life.

St Luke's was the first school in the Wide Bay region to see some of its teachers elevated to Highly Accomplished status, and currently has the highest number of Lead and Highly Accomplished teachers in Bundaberg. 

With such a highly educated, motivated, inspiring and longstanding teacher workforce, students of St Luke's are guaranteed an exceptionally high quality of education with long-term attentiveness, while parents are guaranteed a partnership through communication and dedication to the educational development of their children.

Tutoring Sessions

To give your child the best opportunity for academic achievement, St Luke’s Anglican School offers all its students an optional, fully-included, comprehensive tutoring program. Tutorials are offered by teachers in their respective subjects, either during lunchtime or after school. This provides students with further assistance in subjects that require more time to master and come at no additional cost.

For more information on educational support and tutoring programs, wholly included in a St Luke's education, please click here. 

Pastoral Care Program

Pastoral Care at St Luke's offers every student a dedicated teacher who will get to know them, understand them, and monitor and guide their academic, emotional, and developmental needs within. The Pastoral Care Program at St Luke’s Anglican School is at the core of the holistic education. It provides a structure and an environment that gives great support to students both collectively and, importantly, as individuals. 

For more information on St Luke's Pastoral Care Program, please click here.

A 21st Century Education

St Luke's Anglican School strives to update its technologies and curriculum to keep up-to-date with 21st Century needs and expectations. As such, technology and subject learning has evolved throughout the entire School to now include:

  • Robotics
  • Coding
  • 3D Printing
  • Philosophical Inquiry
  • Psychology
  • Stop-motion Animation
  • Virtual Reality Interactive Learning and World Experiences
  • iPad and Chromebook Learning
  • e-Sports Program
  • Multi-Media Arts
  • Google Suite
  • e-Whiteboards

Co-Curricular Activities


St Luke's Anglican School offers a variety of sport and sporting programs to students of all ages. They include Australian Football, Basketball, Cricket, Equestrian, E-Sports, Football (Soccer), Futsal, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Oztag, Rowing, Rugby League 9’s, Rugby Union 7’s, Surfing, Surf Life Saving, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Ten Pin Bowling, Triathlon and Aquathlon, Touch Football and Volleyball.

For all information on St Luke's sporting programs, please click here

Performing Arts

St Luke's Anglican School offers of wide rage of Performing Arts pathways for creative expression, including dedicated and extensive programs in music, drama, visual art, media and allied fields of the performing arts. Past students who have been involved in the St Luke's Arts Program have gone on to lead successful careers as professional orchestral players, actors, make-up artists, journalists, visual artists, videographers, instrumental and classroom music teachers. 

For all information on St Luke's Performing Arts programs, please click here. 

Clubs and After School Activities

St Luke’s Anglican School has a strong tradition of clubs and activities aimed at providing opportunities for students to engage in pursuits outside the traditional curriculum. There is a rich culture of involvement in a wide variety of clubs and activities at our School, including:

After School Acitvities - these activities are run by specialists and experts in their fields, after school on weekdays for both Primary and Secondary students, all at no cost to students or families. These activities include: 

  • Athletics Track and Field Training
  • Auskick AFL
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Dance and Gymnastics
  • Middle and Long Distance Running
  • Netball
  • Oztag
  • Regular Supervised Gym Sessions
  • Speed Training
  • Strength and Conditioning Workouts
  • Tennis Coaching
  • Taekwondo

Christian Clubs 

  • SUPA Club

Homework Club - every afternoon in the Learning Hub, including free tutoring.

Technology Clubs

  • Robotics
  • Innovation Sports
  • Stop-motion Animation
  • Coding Club

Other Clubs and Extra Curriculur Activities - Art Club, Chess Club, Jump Rope for Heart and Skipping Club, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenges, Readers Cup, Philosophical Inquiry, and EcoLeaders activities.

Outdoor Education

St Luke's Anglican School's Outdoor Education program offers a diverse range of challenges, experiences, responsibilities and skills, and the opportunity for students to develop and test their outdoor abilities in a safe, well-supervised natural environment. 

All students from Year 4 to 10 have the opportunity to attend year level outdoor education camps, while Senior students travel to Brisbane for their camps. These camps are very popular and are often one of the highlights of the year for students.

As an extension of this program, students at St Luke’s often have the opportunity to participate in other related experiences, such as spending time as a crew member on the South Passage Tall Ship, or participating in the globally-recognised Duke of Edinburgh Award program.

Senior students are also often invited to participate in various extended school excursions and study tours, such as service tours of the Solomon Islands, Borneo and Nepal, and History study tours to Europe.