St Luke's Way Newsletter - 19.08.22

Welcome to the third St Luke's Way Newsletter for Term 3. Following, you'll find newsletter articles from St Luke's Principal, Craig Merritt, as well as all main areas of the School, and learning and development. Please open your newsletter article of choice by clicking from the options below.

From the Principal
A Message from Principal Craig Merritt

Community Fair

Thank you for your support of our Community Fair. I was very impressed with the event, such an exciting buzz was evident throughout the day in spite of the slightly challenging weather. It was a wonderful event to welcome the ‘Old Saints’, past parents, staff and volunteers to the day. The many events and activities highlighted the strong sense of community we are blessed to have at St Luke’s. Congratulations and thank you to all the students, staff, and parents involved in bringing the event to life. Thank you also to our current and past students and staff who participated so wholeheartedly in the music performances, netball, and rugby matches.

Rock, Pop, Mine was a wonderful way to conclude the Fair. I am always impressed with the outstanding house spirit evident. The standard of choreography and involvement was exceptional, indicative of the strong leadership of our House Captains, Year 12 students and staff. The crescendo of noise and light brought by the fireworks was a fitting conclusion to the evening. 

Thank you to our staff, students, and parents for supporting the event. Thank you also to our dedicated P&F committee, Rowing supporters group, and parent volunteers for your dedication to organising and managing the various food and drinks for the day, your contributions are sincerely appreciated. 

Staff News

We are currently advertising for some positions at St Luke’s. These are displayed on our website, if you know anyone who may be interested and a good fit for the position please feel free to let them know. 

I will be taking some long service leave later this term, from Monday 29 August until Friday 7 October. During this time Matthew Hughes will take on the responsibility of Acting Principal and Suzanne Carty will be Acting Head of the Middle School. Both Matthew Hughes and Suzanne Carty have experience in fulfilling these responsibilities and I am certain the school will continue to operate as normal. 

I will be back at school on Monday 10 October, until the conclusion of 2022, looking forward to the energy and excitement that is characteristic of Term 4. The recruitment process for the new Principal is well underway. When the appointment is made, one of my key responsibilities during Term 4 will be in supporting the transition of this person for their commencement in 2023. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of our school.

God’s blessings on you and your family.

Craig Merritt


From the Early Learning Centre
A Message from Director of Early Learning Centre, Catherine Donaldson

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Our Junior friends have been showing a great interest in Australian animals over the last week and to extend on this further we engaged in creative and sensory learning experiences. Friends created watercolor animal paintings, used memory recall and language skills with animal matching card games and explored paw print paintings. As a group, children participated in an interactive story of ‘Wombat Stew’. Taking turns they used props to tell the story and add ingredients as the story unfolded.

What makes us special…

This week we asked our Kindy children to share what they felt was special about themselves as an intentional learning experience for children to express themselves and develop a sense of belonging in our early learning environment. ‘I’m special because I’m kind to my friends’, ‘We are all special because we are the same’, ‘I care for everyone’ to share a few of the children’s beautiful insights. Kindy also enjoyed many fun spontaneous activities such as Mud Tea Party, slime sensory play, active play on the obstacle course and fort, and imaginative role play on the bike track.

Excursion Day, Hooray!!

Pre-Preppies were buzzing with excitement as the day had finally arrived from them to embark on the much anticipated excursion to the SSS Strawberry farm. Boarding the big St Luke’s bus, friends chatted happily and cheered as the bus ride began. Arriving at the farm, children learnt about the life cycle of a strawberry and how to use the ‘click’’ technique to remove the berry from the stalk. We assembled into small groups and set off down the long strawberry rows to pick and collect a punnet of delicious ripe strawberries.

We would like to extend a ‘big thank you’ to SSS Strawberries team for allowing everyone to visit and learn about growing and picking strawberries within our local community.

Warmest Regards,

Catherine Donaldson

Director Early Learning Centre

From the Primary School
A Message from Head of Primary, Tonia Lassman

Community Fair

A big thank you to all staff and students that attended the St Luke’s Anglican School Community Fair.  To the Teachers that set up the stalls and to those students performing, well done to all in the trying conditions.

Luke Boon visits St Luke’s Anglican School!

As an addition to our Jump Rope for Heart program in 2022, our Primary students were lucky enough to participate in a skipping incursion run by 69 time world skipping champion, Luke Boon. 

Students from Prep right through to Grade 6 were given the opportunity to engage in lessons with Luke and learn some amazing new skipping skills! Our students can now perform skipping push ups, arm wraps, double unders, forwards and backwards criss crosses and many more! 

Lots of fun was had by all involved, and Luke has again officially declared St Luke’s as his favourite skipping school! Luke has recently released his own ‘freestyle’ skipping ropes. They usually retail at $30, but Luke has offered to discount his ropes to St Luke’s students for $25. If you would like to purchase one, please email to organise. Payment can be made to the Primary office for the correct amount.  Please have this money in an envelope with your child’s name and class.

It is not too late to sign up for our 2022 program! It’s easy - simply follow this link and enter your details: Don’t forget to share your online fundraising page with friends and family to raise money for a great cause! Also, don’t forget to join our special facebook group page for this event. Search for St Luke’s Jump Rope for Heart, 2022 or click on the following link and request to join. St Luke's Jump Rope for Heart, 2022. Our current total for 2022 sits at just over $8,500, and we have 137 students registered!

We still have some 4 weeks of skipping and fundraising time available as our program doesn’t conclude until Thursday 15th of September. We will finish our Jump Rope for Heart program with a ‘Jump off Day’. It’s a celebration of all things skipping! More information will be communicated about this day to parents as it gets closer. 


Mrs Hayley Russo

Jump Rope for Heart Coordinator

Year 1 Fire visit

On Monday 15 August, the Year 1’s had a special visit from our local firefighters. Students learned strategies to stay safe, and what to do in case of an emergency. They got an up-close look at a fire truck and all of the equipment inside, and even got a turn using the fire hose! We are so grateful to our local firefighters for making this visit so informative and engaging for our Year 1 students.

Book Week Celebrations and Father’s Day

Next Friday is our Father’s Day and Book Week Celebrations.  Father’s are most welcome to join their child/ren in their classrooms from 8.30am to 9.30am and will then proceed down to the Multi Purpose Centre (MPC) for a Book Week Parade followed by a morning tea for our Father’s.

 Father’s Day stall

On Wednesday 31 August our Primary School will be hosting a Father’s Day stall.  Our Father’s Day stall will be open during nominated class times.  Gifts range from $2.00 to $10.00 in price, with proceeds being donated to Hearts for Africa. Students will be permitted to purchase a maximum of two items.


I would like to remind all Primary families that a teacher is on duty at both the Lower and Upper Primary Stop, Drop and Go areas until 3:30pm. Therefore, I encourage families with older students to delay their arrival for collection of your children until after 3:10pm. We have a lineup of cars for both areas building as of 2:30pm which is causing further hold ups for movement around the School. I thank you in anticipation of your support with this.

Lost Property

We ask if you could all please check your child’s clothing and should you have any clothing that is not your child’s that you return it to the primary office.  We ask if all parents could please ensure that all items of clothing are marked clearly with their child’s name on it.

Before and After School

Just a friendly reminder that there is no supervision for students that are at school before 8.00am.  Should you have your child at school before this time, they are to wait quietly and be seated under the primary sails until the bell goes at 8.00am when students can then walk quietly to their classrooms to unpack their belongings.

Correct Uniform

Another friendly reminder that we are seeing a number of students that are not in the correct uniform.  Please refer to the Primary School Handbook for the correct uniform requirements.

Uniform Shop Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - 7:45am to 11:00am and 2:30pm to 3:30pm
  • Wednesday and Friday - closed

Second Hand Uniform Shop Hours

  • Monday and Friday 8.00am to 9.00am at the back of the stage in the MPC

Signing in Late Children

Parents we ask should you bring your child late to school, that you please sign them in at the Primary Office to avoid receiving a text message from the school.

Notification of Extended Absence Greater Than 7 School Days

Parents, we wish to advise that should your child be absent from school for more than 7 school days, you are required to complete a Notification of Extended absence form which is available at the Primary school office.

Dates to remember:-

22-26 August Book Week Celebrations

26 August Father’s Day Celebrations

31 August and 1 Sep Father’s Day Stall in the Primary School 

2 September Student Free Day (Early Learning Centre operates as normal) 

 4-9 September Year 6 Outback Tour

Kind regards,

Tonia Lassman

Head of Primary School

From the Middle School
A Message from Head of Middle School, Matthew Hughes

Dear Middle School Parents and Caregivers, 

The St Luke's Middle School newsletter is recorded as a video by myself and Head of Senior School, Mrs Robyn Deer, and then uploaded to YouTube. For this fortnight's newsletter content please visit the following YouTube link.

Kind regards,

Matthew Hughes

Head of Middle School

From the Senior School
A Message from Head of Senior School, Robyn Deer

Welcome to the Senior School newsletter for this fortnight. Head of Middle School, Mr Hughes and I have recorded a video update and uploaded it to YouTube for your convenience. To watch this fortnight's newsletter content for Middle and Senior School, please visit the following YouTube link.

Robyn Deer

Head of Senior School

From Sport
A Message from the Director of Co-curricular (Sport), Len Kirchner

Sporting Representatives

Congratulations to our 2022 Sports Representatives. Please click here for the full list.

Len Kirchner

Director of Co-curricular (Sport)

From Performing Arts
A Message from the Director of Co-curricular (Culture), Sarah Ferguson

Cultural Celebration 

Come on an adventure with the 2022 Performing Arts students to find Paulie a Pal. Paulie, our beloved and treasured Year 12 Performing Arts mascot for 2022, has spent a wonderful year in the PAC. He has been on many adventures including camps, concerts, volleyball competitions, rehearsals and class. Join us for this wonderful evening of music to see if Paulie is successful in his search for a pal. 

When: Thursday 1 September

Student Arrival Time: 6.00 pm

Concert Start Time: 6.45 pm What to wear: Performing Arts Polo Shirt, Long Black Dress Pants, Black Shoes and Black Socks.

Sarah Ferguson

Director of Co-curricular (Culture)

From Student Careers
A Message from Director of Academic Welfare & Careers, Kane Kersnovske

Future Pathways

As part of our ongoing Careers Pathways program, St Luke’s has developed a dedicated Futures Pathways webpage where all early opportunities for senior students in tertiary education, careers, university open days, webinars, and business tours are all listed. Here you will find information including, but not limited to:

  • University events and open days
  • TAFE events and open days 
  • Government and Defence recruitment events
  • Trades information sessions
  • Certificates opportunities
  • Courses and webinars for parents

Visit this link to view our new Future Pathways page and browse the opportunities available. 

These currently include:

  • UniSC Early Offer Guarantee
  • UQ A Taste of Medicine 
  • Elevate Educate Webinars
  • Defence Forces Open Day
  • First Nations Careers Day
  • Bundaberg Jobs & Careers Expo
  • Construction Industry Tour

Kane Kersnovske

Director of Academic Welfare and Careers

From Turtle Café
A Message from Turtle Café Convenor, Serena Curnock

Hello Parents, Caregivers and Students of St Luke's.

Visit our all new webpage where you can find everything you need to know about Turtle Café, including this term's downloadable Turtle Café and ELC menus, and our FlexiSchools ordering system. It's all located by clicking right here.

Yours in Nutrition,

Serena Curnock

Turtle Café Convenor

From Uniform Shop
A Message from the Supervisor of Uniform Shop, Karen Orreal

2023 Uniform Fittings for students going into Year 4, Year 7 and Year 10

Each year our uniform orders must be placed with our manufacturers by the end of Term 3 to guarantee delivery before the start of the new school year. The orders we place are determined by the fittings we do in Term 3, so it is important your uniform order has been included to guarantee we have sufficient stock for your requirements. This is particularly important during the ongoing Pandemic as supply lines are still being interrupted without notice.

If your child is currently in Years 3, 6 or 9, you will need to make an appointment at the School Shop for a uniform fitting during Term 3 as these year levels have changes to their uniforms next year. We are aware that your child may have a growth spurt; however, we do make allowances for this.

Year 4 students add the School sport shirt, School sport shorts and PE bag (optional) to their uniform. Year 7 students wear the Middle School uniform, and Year 10 students wear the Senior School uniform.

Please be aware the Middle School dress is no longer part of the year 7 girls uniform. The dress remains the uniform for year 9 for 2023 however; they will have the option to change over to the new uniform if stock permits. 

Students going into Preparatory in 2023 will have their fittings in Term 4.

We do have a layby scheme available; please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this service.  Payments for uniform orders are to be paid on pick up of your order in late November to January. 

Please contact us on 41327535 to make an appointment or go to our website, click on Enrolments, go to Uniform shop and scroll down to the ‘Make A Booking Now’ tab and choose which year level you would like to.

Senior blazers 

There are many blazers that were ordered and have not yet been collected. You can pay in person at the uniform shop or you may pay over the phone and your child can then collect their blazer. 

Lost Property

There is a large number of lost property items in the lost property shed adjoining the uniform shop. Please ask your children to check through it if they have lost anything.

Online Ordering

Online ordering is available from the school shop.  Orders can be placed via Flexischools  In addition Year 7 to 12 students can use their student ID card to purchase items in store.

Ms Karen Orreal

Shop Supervisor

From the Learning Hub
A Message from the Learning Hub

CBCA Book Week 2022 - ‘Dreaming with eyes open’

The Book Week character parade will be held for the Primary School on Friday, 26th August (next week). High school students are encouraged to also dress as a character from a favourite book. Further details have been emailed home.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Don’t forget to complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge. The last day to submit completed reading forms is Friday 26th August.

Ms Sarah Simpson

Learning Hub Manager

Business Matters
A Message from St Luke's Anglican School

Notice of Enrolment Termination

The Notes to the Schedule of Fees lists the following requirements for withdrawal of enrolment:

If the student is to leave the School the parent agrees to give at least one term’s written notice to the School. This notice should be received:

  • not later than the first day of term at the end of which it is intended that the student should leave, or
  • if it is intended that the student should leave during a term, not later than the first day of the immediately preceding term.
  • If the parent intends to cancel or (with the School’s agreement) postpone or otherwise vary the student’s enrolment, the parent will give notice to that effect to the School no later than the first day of the term immediately preceding the date of entry.
  • If the parent fails to comply with either of the above paragraphs, the parent will pay or forfeit (as the case may be) to the School one term’s fees and charges in lieu of notice unless the Business Manager, in his/her sole discretion, agrees to remit payment of those fees wholly or partially.

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