Enrolment Begins Here

We understand that the school enrolment process can be stressful and overwhelming. Here at St Luke's, we keep things simple. Our step-by-step enrolment process is personalised, easy to follow, and completely transparent in its fee structure. At all times throughout the enrolment process we will remain communicative and available to you.

Meet Caroline Warnock, Registrar

With an extensive background in Anglican Schooling and a long-standing tenure at St Luke's, Caroline will be your first point of contact for enrolment enquiry and will guide you through every step of the enrolment process, including personally touring you and your family through St Luke's school grounds. 

With her impeccable knowledge of St Luke's and extensive background experience, Caroline is available to answer any questions on your child's education at St Luke's Anglican School.

St Luke's Anglican School is currently experiencing significant enrolment demand with waiting lists across multiple year levels.  Prospective families are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible, particularly for major intake years (Prep and Year 7).

For general questions, educational enquiries, or to begin the St Luke's enrolment process, please contact Caroline:

Phone within Australia: (07) 4132 7555
Phone outside Australia: +61 7 4132 7555
Email: Click Here

Steps of Enrolment Process

1. Submit an Application for Enrolment 

Please click on the Early Learning Centre (ELC) Online Enrolment Form or Primary, Middle or Senior School Online Enrolment Form links at the bottom of this page to begin the enrolment process for your child at St Luke's Anglican School. If, at any time you require assistance, please call our reception team on 4132 7555.

  • A non-refundable application processing fee of $110 is payable upon submission of an enrolment application. At any time prior to submitting your form, you may cancel the enrolment process at no charge.
  • International students, including students studying on a 571 Student Visa, should refer to the International Applications section prior to completing an application form.
2. Reserved Place and Letter of Offer

Once a completed Enrolment Application Form, supporting documentation and the Application Fee have been received by St Luke's Registrar and, where possible/required, an interview has been completed, a Letter of Offer for a Confirmed Place may be made subject to a place being available within the year group requested and completed documentation being provided. 

Your acceptance of this offer is required within 14 days of the Letter of Offer being sent to you. Your returned Letter of Offer is to be accompanied with a payment of $300 - $150 of which is a non-refundable enrolment fee, with the remaining $150 confirmation fee refunded to your fee account on commencement.

A returned, signed Letter of Offer, a completed Medical Details Form, and the $300 enrolment fee are necessary for the enrolment process to be considered complete and to secure a place for the applicant at St Luke's. If your form is not returned, your child/ren will remain on our waiting list. 

In the event that a place is not currently available for your child, instead of receiving a Letter of Offer your family will be contacted and offered a place on St Luke's waiting list and you will not pay the $300 enrolment fee until your family does complete the enrolment process at a later time. 

3a. St Luke's School Tour (optional)

At any time, enrolled or not, any family is welcome to contact St Luke's Registrar, Caroline Warnock, to arrange a personal tour of the School campus. Families are encouraged to bring any and all family members on the school tour, especially their children, so they can experience the School and familiarise themselves with the campus layout. 

For newly enrolled families, the  personalised School tour is highly recommended but not compulsory. 

3b. St Luke's School Interview

You may arrange your family's interview on the same day as your school tour if you wish. Your enrolment interview is a personal interview held between your family and the relevant Head of School. 

The interview is a relaxed way for you and your family to meet your Head of School, familiarise yourself with the School, and make additional or specific enquiries about your expectations and child's educational needs.

Post Enrolment Communication 

After successfully enrolling your child/ren, your family can expect St Luke's to remain in regular contact, to ready your family for their first day of school. Events, information sessions, newsletters and access to personnel and online parent portals, apps and social media pages will be made available to you. At any time, should you need it, our Principal, Head of School, Registrar, Receptionist, or Student Services Officer, we will be available to take your questions.

Additional Considerations
  • If applicable, your child's elective subject choices will be discussed prior to confirmation of enrolment.
  • Consideration is extended to families who are enrolling siblings of a child already enrolled at the school.

St Luke's Anglican School is currently experiencing significant enrolment demand with waiting lists across multiple year levels.  Prospective families are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible, particularly for major intake years (Prep and Year 7).

If you have any further enquiries about enrolments, please feel to contact our Registrar, Caroline Warnock on 07 4132 7555, or email Caroline

Schedule of Fees

To assist you in making an informed choice, St Luke's Anglican School offers full transparency in its Schedule of Fees. Please see the list below of included and non-included items, and the Schedule of Fees document link below. If you have any additional questions relating to any of the following, please phone our friendly reception team on 4132 7555.

Annual fees at St Luke's include: 

  • Your child's full school year education and all curriculum classes
  • Personalised Pastoral Care Program including student and careers guidance.
  • Access to all digital and online communication tools including parent portals, newsletters, apps and regularly updated social media channels.
  • Regular excursions and outdoor education camps.
  • Regular school photos.
  • After-school tutoring and Learning Hub access.
  • After-school sport participation and coaching (excluding Rowing).
  • Many co-curricular activities with specialist trainers and tutors, for example: 
        • Gym and strength training
        • Running and Athletics training
        • Tennis, Gymnastics, Futsal, Volleyball, Swimming, Basketball, Touch Football and Rugby coaching
        • e-Sports, Chess club, and homework club
        • Choir, drama, junior concert band, senior ensemble, senior orchestra
  • Digital textbook access.
  • iPad (1 per two students) and Chromebook (1 per student) access (Prep to Year 6)
  • All specialist computer technology, software and equipment for subjects such as Multi-Media, Design Technology, and e-Sports programs.

Annual fees at St Luke's do not include: 

  • Uniforms.
  • Turtle Cafe/Tuckshop purchases (non-compulsory).
  • Some co-curricular activities (all non-compulsory) including specialist, private or group music lessons, or piano tutor, off-campus sports, such as rowing and golf coaching and special excursions.
  • Textbook hire.
  • Musical instrument hire (non-compulsory).
  • Personalised computing technology (Year 7 to 12).

For St Luke's Schedule of Fees please click on the below link. 

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