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1995 - 2000 Graduates

Harley Breen - 1995

Image source: Scenestr

These days, Harley is a popular, award-winning comedian, TV host and radio personality who has gained a legion of fans across the globe with his accessible style and relatable stories...

Read Harley's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Catherine Lynagh 1994 - 1998

Image source: Redland City Bulletin

Catherine Lynagh is certainly a rising star in the world of classical music, and she credits much of her success to the support and encouragement of her family...

Read Catherine's Old Saint story by clicking here

Matthew Grills 1995 - 1999

Mat went on to organise a cancer fundraising run from Bundaberg to Brisbane and back again. He and his Dad ran the distance, over 500km, with their support crew in tow in 21 days...

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Timothy Lynagh 1996 - 2000

Image source: University of Bergen

Timothy is a research scientist in the field of bio-medical and neurological science. He is currently based at the University of Bergen, in Norway, where he is a group leader at the Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology...

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2001 - 2010 Graduates

David Zanette 1999 - 2000

Image source: Townsville Bulletin

… he came from a tough country upbringing in Chinchilla, to be a star athlete at St Luke’s Anglican School, and then catapulted himself into rare company as an elite Touch Football representative.

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James Courtice 1997 - 2001

James Courtice, along with his brothers, Thomas and Michael, and his sister, Amie, works hard to produce the best avocados possible...

Read James' Old Saint story by clicking here.

Jasmine Lindsay 1997 - 2002

Image source: Daily Telegraph

Jasmine's finance career spanned over 10 years, working first with Macquarie in Australia before relocating to Dubai with one of the Middle East’s largest listed companies.

Read Jasmine's Old Saint story by clicking here

Felix Marian 2001 - 2002

After graduating from St Luke’s in 2002, Felix stayed in Australia, and studied Commerce at the University of Melbourne.

Read Felix's Old Saint story by clicking here.

William Olsen 1999 - 2003

After filming of these reality shows ended, Will and a few of his friends decided to travel around Europe. He says, “I am a real sucker for history, so when I wander around, exploring a little village that has a history of over 1000 years, it really blows my mind.”

Read Will's Old Saint story by clicking here

Alexander Morris 1999 - 2005

Image source: Arts in the Valley

After graduating from St Luke’s in 2005, he received his Bachelor of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane...

Read Alex's Old Saint story by click here.

Rebecca Garrad 2001 - 2005

Image Source: Bundaberg Now

A childhood fear of insects has not stopped Rebecca Nagy (née Garrad), from becoming an entomologist and agricultural pest management specialist...

Read Rebecca's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Mitchell Langerak 2002 - 2005

Image source: Fox Sports

Mitch signed his first professional contract as a teenager not long after graduating from St Luke’s, with the A-League Club, Melbourne Victory...

Read Mitch's Old Saint story by clicking here

Kyle Walmsley 2002 - 2005

Image source: Trackdance.com.au

Kyle was also accepted into the most prestigious drama school in Australia, the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), where stars such as Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Mel Gibson and Sam Worthington had trained.

Read Kyle's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Peter Zwart 1997 - 2005

Perhaps it was a foundation of grit and determination? Perhaps self-confidence? Perhaps a bit of courage? Perhaps all three? Whatever it was, Peter graduated from St Luke’s, woke up one day, and just left for Brisbane...

Read Peter's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Shannon Mobbs 2002 - 2006

But Shannon took a positive approach to his misfortune, accepting his lot, and resolved to work hard to get back into the sports that he loved. His fierce determination enabled him to realise his potential in a different competition..

Read Shannon's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Amy Regan 2005 - 2006

Amy Regan was forewarned during her school years that the pursuit of a career in photography would be difficult, and perhaps even unattainable. Oh, did she prove them wrong.

Read Amy's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Sarah Anderson 2005 - 2009

So, Sarah took on a Bachelor of Paramedic Science degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2013. From there, she did some work in a variety of roles including Event Paramedic Work covering music festivals, rodeos and motorcycle events.

Read Sarah's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Mariah Carew 2001 - 2009

Today, Mariah is a true health and fitness devotee. She runs her own business - Mariah Jean Fit, where she coaches and trains women on health, fitness, nutrition, bodybuilding, mentality and mindset methods for overcoming adversity...

Read Mariah's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Amy Clements 2005 - 2009

On a professional level, Amy intends on taking on some postgraduate study in Space Operations. This aligns with her job role and, as she points out, she has found space fascinating ever since she was young.

Read Amy's Old Saint story by clicking here

Gemma Keliher 2005 - 2010

Image source: Star Now

In the years that followed, Gemma has been involved in a myriad of performing arts projects and performances. She played a role in a short film titled Therapy, and appeared in an episode of Cluck!, a TV mini series...

Read Gemma's Old Saint story by clicking here

Shalyn Knight 2000 - 2010

After school, Shalyn attended Griffith University where she completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Contemporary and Applied Theatre majoring in Technical Theatre. However, in the second year of her course she had the opportunity to study at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England...

Read Shalyn's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Andrea Templeman 2006 - 2010

From there, the world of theatrical make-up has been opening up for Andrea...

Read Andrea's Old Saint story by clicki ng here.

2011 - 2020 Graduates

Alice Robinson 1999 - 2011

Image source: Dance Life Australia

Alice Robinson is a dancer, choreographer and movement director based in both Sydney and London. She presents her work as an eclectic mix of contemporary dance with a unique flare, demonstrating an innovative eye for detail and for capturing abstract perspectives...

Read Alice's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Tamika Adams 2008 - 2012

... studying at the highly recognised Academy of Makeup in Paddington, Sydney, she was trained by some of the best makeup artists in the industry.

Read Tamika's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Brittany Kay 2010 - 2012

... she has had a rocky road to reach her dream of being a Medical Scientist, and there were times when she had to pinch herself to make sure it was real.

Read Brittany's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Ben Lorberg 2008 - 2012

For 4 years he’d complete his training and his trade while being posted in Townsville, and eventually in 2018 he was deployed to Iraq, and then again in 2020/21 to Afghanistan...

Read Ben's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Marielle Ong 2007 - 2012

In the two years following Grade 8, Marielle would discover warp drives, space-time continuums, and countless more quantumesque-theories via cutting-edge science fiction television shows such as Star Trek and Stargate...

Read Marielle's Old Saint story by clicking here

Nadil Dean 2009 - 2013

Nadil says Healthcare was always the career path that he wanted to pursue. In the four or five years since he started nursing, he has become a Senior Registered Nurse, and has been training TAFE and University students...

Read Nadil's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Kirstyn O'Brien 2008 - 2013

Accounting is adding up to a rewarding career choice for USC graduate Kirstyn O’Brien from Bundaberg, who has followed her mother into the world of finance...

Read Kirsten's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Mason Barbera 2003 - 2014

Image source: Courier Mail

Three years in this exciting racing category, and coming 5th overall in the 2016 series, saw an opportunity for Mason to move into the Dunlop Super2 Series...

Read Mason's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Arlo Leckie 2004 - 2014

Arlo is an Aerospace Engineering PhD student at the University of Queensland, working within the University’s world renowned Centre for Hypersonics...

Read Arlo's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Rebecca Goulding 2012 - 2015

Image source: Courier Mail

Soccer, Futsal, Touch Football, Rugby 7’s - Rebecca Goulding loves them all, and has played them all at an elite level.

Read Rebecca's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Sarah Jhetam 2006 - 2015

In year 10 I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do. My parents hold careers in psychiatry and psychology, which sparked an interest in medicine. My subject choices were mostly informed by the idea that I want to have the option of being a doctor...

Read Sarah's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Watch Sarah's Old Saint video by clicking here.

Jack Neubecker 2010 - 2015

Image source: Ascension Education

In 2016, St Luke's interviewed Jack Neubecker about post-graduate life. At the time, his plans were to go to university to study mathematics. Well, Jack exactly went on to do just that, and more. 

Read Jack's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Rebecca Greiner 2004 - 2016

Image source: Courier Mail

St Luke’s 2016 graduate, Rebecca Greiner has been playing Hockey most of her life, but it was just one of many sports that the talented youngster competed in at the highest level during her formative years.

Read Rebecca's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Johan Kuyler 2008 - 2016

I received an OP 5 which is more than what I hoped for. I want to do a Bachelor in Music at the Griffith Queensland Conservatorium of Music and I don't need an OP for the course so I am more than pleased with my OP result...

Read Johan's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Lucas Deer 2003 - 2017

Image source: Courier Mail

In the lead-up to the international event in July, Lucas was training with award-winning coach, David Tabernacle who proved to be a very effective influence...

Read Lucas' Old Saint story by clicking here

Dayna Williams 2012 - 2017

Image source:  Bond University

Recently, Dayna worked as a Costume Assistant on Baz Luhrmann’s new film, which was an exciting project.

Read Dayna's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Madeline Browne 2006 - 2018

I found out that I am capable of doing a lot of things I never thought I could. I never believed that I would find happiness in the city, away from my family and the beach, but I have...

Read Madeline's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Will Felesina 2013 - 2019

So, the future looks bright for Will. He is not certain yet about where he would like to go, in terms of a career or profession. But, after his current degree in Science and Economics, he thinks he might complete a Masters Degree in Environmental Management or something similar.

Read Will's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Mitchell Browne 2006 - 2020

I have recently been given an opportunity to enter into real estate. So, my plans for the future are to trust the process and see where I go from there.

Read Mitchell's Old Saint story by clicking here.

Jemima MacLennan 2015 - 2020

...in the end, I decided to study Primary Education and I am so happy with that decision. I am living at College, studying at UQ and I have never been happier. I love where I am living.

Read Jemima's Old Saint story by clicking here.

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