Our 5 Strategic Priorities

Our mission is to be a dynamic and inclusive learning community grounded in our Anglican tradition and embracing excellence, service, innovation and global thinking. Our graduated will be known for their strength of heart, mind and character with a clear understanding of their place in God's world.

Our Strategic Priorities 2019-2022

Dynamic Learning: Our goal is to promote a rich and stimulating learning environment across the School where students are engaged to be curious, creative, independent problem-solvers and achieve individual success and excellence. 

Inspired Teaching: Our goal is to deepen our professional learning culture for staff, embracing excellence, innovation, reflection, collegiality and personal growth. 

Developing Character: Our goal is to enhance and enrich the St Luke's community by reinforcing our trusting relationships, developing a strong sense of character within our students with a passion to serve others, and highlight the Anglican tradition and Christian values fundamental to our school culture. 

Connected Community: Our goal is to deepen the strong sense of community and belonging across our school. We aim to reinforce a culture where students, staff and families feel a strong connection to the school community, where they feel safe, valued and are encouraged to flourish. 

Nurturing Growth: Our goal is to nurture the future of St Luke's for this generation and the next by ensuring we maximise the effective and sustainable use of our resources; physical, financial and people. We aim to develop an innovative and meaningful campus master-plan, supported by a creative and effective ICT infrastructure, all underpinned by vision and strength in corporate governance principles and practices.