Giving to St Luke's

Through your generosity you can help us ensure that the St Luke’s students of tomorrow can access improved facilities, programs and scholarships, and help St Luke’s achieve our grand vision.

Why We Need Your Support

St Luke’s is passionate about providing our students with engaging, innovative education in exceptional facilities. We offer our students a supportive yet challenging environment with a focus on life education as a whole. The Giving Program at St Luke’s offers many opportunities for the St Luke’s community to contribute to small projects, new buildings, social justice programs, in-kind donations for specialist areas, and scholarships. Giving makes a difference, and St Luke’s humbly asks you to donate in a way that suits you.

Voluntary Building Fund (tax deductible)

The Voluntary Building Fund provides integral support to our school. It is because of the generosity of past and current families that the school has grown into its current position. St Luke’s benefits tremendously from the infallible support of the school community who guarantee the future prosperity of St Luke's and provide outstanding educational opportunities for our students. The Voluntary Building Fund offers parents and patrons an excellent opportunity to support our school through the building of new educational facilities, upgrading existing infrastructure, and assisting us with property expenses such as painting, carpet replacement, general repairs and maintenance.

Scholarship and Bursary Fund (tax deductible)

Scholarships and Bursaries change lives. They ensure that St Luke’s can always include students who would greatly benefit from a St Luke's education, but who, without some financial assistance, would be unable to attend. Perhaps you benefited from a Scholarship or Bursary to attend St Luke’s. If you have, you will know what a difference it has made to you. We invite you to offer the same opportunity to young, unique and talented students who would benefit from a Scholarship or Bursary. Together, we can change people’s lives.

Sports Fund (tax deductible)

The St Luke's Anglican School Sports Fund has been setup in conjunction with The Australian Sports Foundation to support the needs of the various sports programs for our school. Funds received will contribute to providing training equipment, safety gear and general sports gear for a wide array of sports such as: Cricket, Volleyball, Surfing, Golf, Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, AFL, NRL, Futsal, Football, Netball, Basketball and Hockey.

Tax deductible donations to can be made through the Australian Sports Foundation

Rowing Fund (tax deductible)

The St Luke’s Rowing Fund has been setup in conjunction with The Australian Sports Foundation to support our rowers to achieve their goals by providing financial assistance towards equipment, training and travel needs. Donations have assisted our Rowing Team perform well at Head of the River regattas and other school regattas held across Queensland by helping with the provision and maintenance of boats, oars and other equipment.

Tax deductible donations can be made through the Australian Sports Foundation

Voluntary Giving

Parents can contribute through the Voluntary Giving program, a simple means of contributing to the success of St Luke’s when school fees are paid. This type of giving has an immediate impact on all students by providing new equipment within our school.


By including the school in your Will you can make a genuinely important contribution that does not impact on your current financial situation. Bequests can take many forms: a percentage of your estate, a fixed amount, property, shares, or an insurance policy. A bequest offers a chance to give back, to see your school develop new facilities, innovate learning programs and provide scholarships.

In-kind Support

Past students who found success in the arts or sport are invited to donate equipment and instruments to our school. If you upgraded your musical instrument and no longer have use for your older instrument, please consider donating it to St. Luke’s, as our students would love any opportunity to access more musical instruments. Sporting goods are equally welcome, such as a scrum machine or equipment that can enable more sport to be played at St Luke’s. Lighting and sound equipment are also in need. We thank you in advance if you kindly consider our school to become the future home for your spare instruments and equipment.

How to Give

Please contact our Business Manager, Mrs Lindsay Honor, in regards your gift or for more information on any of the ways in which you can partner with St Luke’s and make a difference to the lives of our students and the wider community.

Phone: (07) 4132 7555

Email: Click Here