Principal's Welcome

"Our strong and positive school culture is based on firm foundations of trust, respect and active collaboration, and nurtures and encourages our students to realise their full potential."

Principal Matthew Hughes

Welcome to St Luke's Anglican School.

On behalf of our staff, students and families, welcome to St Luke’s Anglican School.

St Luke’s Anglican School is a leading independent school that provides a nurturing and supportive learning environment from our Early Learning Centre (Junior and Kindy) and Preparatory through to Year 12. We are a dynamic, inclusive community that embraces excellence, service, innovation, and global thinking. 

The values of Faith, Performance, and Honour inform the ‘St Luke’s Way’ and guide all that we do. At St Luke’s we care about each other and encourage each individual to pursue excellence across all aspects of learning. Our strong and positive school culture is based on firm foundations of trust, respect, and active collaboration. 

St Luke’s offers a stimulating learning environment, rich in opportunities within and beyond the classroom. Through involvement in academic, community, sporting, creative, and service pursuits our students develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding of themselves and others through a well-balanced education. This helps strengthen minds, hearts, and character and prepares our graduates to pursue their dreams and shape their worlds into the future.  

We are proud of our young people at St Luke’s and the talented staff who support, educate and inspire students. Our school embraces new technologies, ideas, and opportunities to develop young minds. We want our students to be inspired and empowered, to open their minds to possibilities, and discover the fullness of their capacity to thrive and make a difference in the world.

We invite you to discover our school, ask questions about what matters most to you, and witness the energy, substance, and care shown by our school community. You will find warmth in every welcome, respect for each individual, and a vibrant learning community of students and staff.

Mr Matthew Hughes