Turtle Cafe

With an updated menu each term, items made fresh every day, and a strong focus on nutrition, Turtle Café is St Luke's one-stop shop for breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks and coffee for students and families. The FlexiSchools App is the fastest, cashless way to pay.

Mrs Johnson and our Turtle Cafe team are committed to creating a fresh and delicious range of breakfast, lunch, drink and coffee, and snack items for St Luke's students and families each and every day. 

Each term, a new menu is released, with a strong focus on nutrition, health and dietary requirements. Items are made fresh and include vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, and Halal options, and always with strict Food Safety practices. 

Your children need food that they not only enjoy but which will sustain their energy and concentration for the entire school day. Committed to the State Government's initiative of Smart Choices Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools, Turtle Café is dedicated to student nutrition. Each term, Turtle Café makes exciting changes to the menu, adding new and delicious items while also keeping the school favourites.

Please click the button for the latest Turtle Café Menu.

Cash, EFT or FlexiSchools Payment.

Yes, we accept Cash and EFTPOS at the Turtle Café for your convenience.

Or your family could save itself from the hassle of cash or cards as all by downloading the FlexiSchools App. FlexiSchools allows St Luke's families to place, and pay for their child/ren's order from home, with nothing but a simply collection the next day. To register for FlexiSchools please click the 'Register for FlexiSchools' button link above.

Interested in helping out?

Kylie always welcomes parents and friends of the School to assist with Turtle Cafe duties. No experience is required and volunteers may assist on a weekly, monthly or per term basis. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents and strengthen the School community spirit. If you are interested, please contact the School Office on 07 4132 7555 or email your interest by clicking here.