​About St Luke's Anglican School​

St Luke's Anglican School is Bundaberg's highest performing private school, with the goal to promote a rich and stimulating education environment where students are engaged to be curious, creative, independent problem-solvers, and achieve individual success.

Our Mission

Inspired by Christ, our mission is to be a dynamic and inclusive learning community, grounded in our Anglican tradition. At St Luke's Anglican School, we inspire excellence, service, innovation and global thinking. As a flourishing faith community, we learn, serve, proclaim and worship together and our students develop a clear understanding of their place in God’s world.

St Luke’s graduates are known for their strength of heart, mind and character.

Our Values

All members of the school community aspire to uphold three main values of Faith, Performance and Honour. When combined, they make up The St Luke's Way. This is a fundamental framework to guide all members of our school community in their actions and behaviours. 

Faith: serving God, respecting yourself and others, being tolerant, compassionate, empathetic and socially responsible. 
Performance: setting aspirational goals and working towards them while being involved, working with others and showing commitment to do your best.
Honour: showing pride in your presentation and having pride in your work and your school, while embracing a growth mindset and ensuring your actions reflect what is morally right. 

Our History

St Luke's Anglican School commenced operations in 1994 as a day co-educational school, offering seamless education for students from Junior/Kindergarten to Year 12. 

Today, the school enrolment is over 1000 students, with St Luke's solidifying a prestigious reputation in the region, and setting a benchmark for comprehensive education and caring pastoral support, all within a spacious and modern campus.   

Our Spirituality

Spirituality and the development of our relationship with God is a strength that we feel proud to have cultivated well here at St Luke’s.

It is our mission to encourage students to grow in their faith as richly as they grow in their academic knowledge and to mature as spirited citizens of the world. We work to inspire students to develop a keen desire to know more about God, and we understand how their faith intersects with other aspects of their daily lives.

Ethics and Faith classes have proven to be a great success, while regular worship provides students with an opportunity to explore their own inter-personal experience of faith. Our spirituality is also demonstrated through the ongoing interactions that occur naturally between committed staff and students, many of whom are a strong inspiration to others.