Faith and Service

St Luke’s Anglican School is founded upon the Anglican ethos, and values genuine commitment to learning, achievement, personal growth, and service to the community. To this end, faith is a vital part of our school, developed and nurtured by a Chaplaincy team consisting of the School Chaplain and the Youth Minister, and the Services Club.

Meet Fr Iain Furby (Chaplain) and Amy Griffin (Youth Minister)

Fr Iain Furby, Chaplain

Born in Abingdon, England, Father Iain Furby holds an Bachelor  in Environmental Science, a Bachelor of Arts, a Graduate Diploma in Education, and has completed three years of additional study at Theological College. 

After an early career in science and technology with the CSIRO, Iain found his calling to join the Ministry and soon after, studied to become a Deacon in St John's Cathedral and Ordained Priest at St Paul's Anglican Church in Ipswich. From there, Fr Iain became the first Chaplain at TSS Preparatory School, then a Senior Priest in the West Toowoomba Parish, then Parish Priest at Pittsworth, and the first Chaplain at West Moreton Anglican College. He also served four years as the Rector for the Woolloongabba Parish, before arriving in Bundaberg in 2003 as an Associate Priest at Christ Church.

Fr Iain has been the Chaplain at St Luke’s Anglican School since 2011. His lovely wife is a past employee of our school, and his two adult children are both past students of St Luke’s.

Meet Amy Griffin, Youth Minister

Amy grew up in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia and began her teaching career as an Early Childhood Teacher in Queensland in 2001. She then spent six years teaching at International Schools in both China and Switzerland, before settling in Bundaberg with her husband, to be close to family. 

Amy has two lovely daughters, both enrolled at St Luke’s, and has been the Youth Minister at the School since 2013. Amy currently teaches Ethics and Faith lessons to all Primary classes, and works with Father Iain to develop and deliver Worship Services across the whole School, as well as co-ordinating a number of lunchtime student clubs based on faith, friendship and fun.

Faith and Service

The Chaplaincy team at St Luke’s Anglican School is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to explore and develop their faith. Students in all year levels attend Ethics and Faith lessons, and through stories, music, art, drama, symbols, prayers and rituals, students learn about Christianity and take its lessons to be good, honest, caring members of the broader community. 


Each week students also attend Worship, where, as one community, St Luke's celebrates faith and hope. The Chaplaincy team, together with the student Chapel Leaders, Worship Band and Singers, lead Worship as an opportunity for students and the School community to listen to stories from the Bible, pray together, listen to Scripture, sing songs and reflect on what it means to be a Christian in daily life. Parents are welcome and invited to join us for Worship every week, and also to attend our Whole School Worship services which are indicated in the School Calendar, a minimum of one each term.


There is also a weekly Eucharist service on a Tuesday morning before school for any student, staff member and parent who would like to attend, held in the School Chapel. St Luke's beautiful School Chapel has also witnessed a number of weddings, baptisms and Admission to Holy Communion services.


Another key area of involvement for the Chaplaincy team is Service to others. Service is an unselfish act of supporting and assisting others in a caring manner. Involvement in Service encourages students to grow into active, socially responsible members of our community. Service learning is mostly led by the Interact Club and is continually being developed in our school. It involves experiences such as fundraising and charity work, assisting with the Christ Church soup kitchen, participating in commemorative events, visiting aged care residents, and working with underprivileged people in other countries.

As a Christian School, St Luke's believes that each member of our wider community is deserving of care and respect. By promoting and aspiring to the values implicit in our Anglican faith, St Luke’s strives to develop in our students a genuine commitment to the St Luke’s Way, and our motto of ‘Faith, Performance, Honour’.