Our Future: Built Environment Master Plan

It is with great pleasure, during the 25th anniversary year of the foundation of St Luke’s Anglican School to share the Built Environment Master Plan for our School. This Master Plan is the result of extensive deliberations and on-going consultations across the whole school community and scaffolds our Strategic Priorities: 2019-2022. We are blessed to have a beautiful campus that has served our students, staff and families exceptionally well. Yet we are also conscious that education has changed considerably since the foundation of the School and will continue to evolve into the future. This Master Plan outlines how we will develop and renovate key spaces and places to provide the best facilities and opportunities for our students, staff and families. We will continue to nurture and support our students to be the best they can be now and into the future. We are thinking of the St Luke’s students of today while building with the future in mind. I hope you enjoy engaging with these plans.