NAPLAN Results

Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 participate in the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) each year.

NAPLAN tests are designed to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learned from the School curriculum and demonstrate skills that are essential to modern life, such as reading, writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy. NAPLAN is fully aligned to the National Curriculum and the results from these tests can offer insight as to how your child is progressing in the larger context of National Standards. St Luke’s integrates NAPLAN into the curriculum in a fashion that complements class assessments conducted by teachers in these respective grades.

The results of NAPLAN are used as a complement to the results of school assessments. The data is analysed and used in the following ways:

  • Students and parents can use the results of their children’s NAPLAN test to discuss achievements and any surprises in the results with teachers.
  • Teachers use NAPLAN results to help them identify students who require greater additional support or even greater academic challenges.
  • St Luke’s use NAPLAN results to find ways in which they can increase the learning outcomes for students and improve the school curriculum.

St Luke’s undertakes on-going diagnostic testing and School assessments in order to provide teachers with a clear perspective of each student’s strengths as well as areas that require more focused assistance throughout the school year. Differentiated teaching and learning strategies are used to meet the specific needs of every student.

As of 2019 our students continue to perform favourably against the National mean in all year levels. For further details of NAPLAN, please visit

Reading Persuasive Writing Spelling Grammar & Punctuation Numeracy
Year 3 451 429 436 470 435
Year 5 546 497 518 545 541
Year 7 578 524 566 577 606
Year 9 611 582 595 603 621