Co-Curricular Activities


Sport is an essential part of every student’s education at St Luke’s, and students participate in a variety of sporting endeavours from Kindergarten right through to Year 12. Physical Education classes are led by experienced teachers with a passion for guiding students toward excellence in their chosen sport.

Primary students play inter-school sports every Friday afternoon. Middle and senior students have the option to sign on for Wednesday after-school sport at various times throughout the school year. We encourage our students to participate in playing a sport as it gives them the opportunity to learn about teamwork, mental fitness, fair play and how to deal with loss as well as success.

Many St Luke’s students participate in national and international competitions in sports including, Hockey, Touch Football, Rowing, Swimming, Athletics and Netball.

Interschool Competitions are held in these sports.

Cricket Volleyball Surfing
Touch Football Tennis Table Tennis
Golf Swimming Cross Country
Rowing Athletics Australian Football
Futsal Football Rugby Union
Netball Basketball Hockey
Rugby League


We have a rich chess culture here at St Lukes that stems from a strong engagement in chess club.

We also have a very lively Human Powered Vehicle club that is unique to all enthusiastic students who attend.

Homework Club

Homework Club is a voluntary opportunity for Year 4 to Year 12 students to complete homework tasks before they leave for home. Supervised daily by two university students who assist St Luke’s students with their work, Homework Club encourages the development of a consistent study regime - a key skill that students require in order to manage a positive and structured approach to learning.

Please register online through the Homework Club Blog and join us Monday through to Thursday from 3:15 pm - 4:45 pm starting week 2 of each term in the Resource Centre.

After School Activities

After school activities are run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday after the first week of every term.

Some of the activities available are

  • Fitness and Circuit Training
  • Running Training
  • Tennis
  • Dance

Roll is called at 3:15pm with activities starting at 3:30pm until 4:30pm. Please come by to collect your children before 4:45pm.

After school activities are available for Year 4 through to Year 12 Students. Please register online through the After School Activities Blog.


To give your child the best opportunity for academic achievement St Luke’s offers students an optional comprehensive tutoring program. Tutorials are offered by teachers in their respective subjects, either during lunchtime or after school. This provides students with further assistance in subjects that require more time to master.

Performing Arts

St Luke’s offers extensive music, drama and performance activities to every student, from Preparatory Year to Year 12. Music has long been proven to nourish and support the development of various aspects of learning. We encourage all students learn a musical instrument, play in a band, sing in a choir, and take part in a drama production.

Lessons with a specialist music teacher begin in Kindergarten, and all students from Year 2 onward are invited to join choral groups.

St Luke’s music program consists of in-class lessons as well as private instrumental lessons and involvement in a diverse number of bands, orchestras and ensembles.

Students with a passion for the dramatic arts can hone their talent in speech and drama lessons that are part of the curriculum for children from years 1 to 8, and as an elective option for students from years 9 to 12.

Students are provided opportunities to take the lead in a production, join a choir, work backstage or learn technical aspects of stage production, sound & lighting. Numerous past students have been accepted into the Queensland Conservatorium, become members of the Australian Youth Orchestra, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra.

The following Performing Arts activities are on offer throughout the year.

Year 2 Singers Junior Singers Year 3 to 6 Elective Classroom Music:
Years 9 to 12
Year 3 to 12 Private Piano Tuition Years 7 to 12 Stage Band Year 3 to 12 Private and Group Tuition:
Strings, Woodwind, Brass & Percussion
Years 8 to 12 Senior Choir Years 9 to 12 Instrumental Music Years 8 to 12 Senior Orchestra
Years 8 to 12 Drama Club Years 8 to 12 Senior String Orchestra Years 7 to 12 Senior Concert Band
Years 8 to 12 Boys Vocal Group Years 8 to 12 Small Chamber Ensembles Years 8 to 12 Drama Tech Club

Outdoor Education

We value the contribution that Outdoor Education provides toward our students' education. Outdoor education offers a diverse range of challenges, experiences, responsibility, skills and an opportunity to test their abilities in a safe, well supervised natural environment. Students at St Luke’s have the opportunity to participate in fully supervised excursions to Canberra in year 7 and experience life as a crew member on the tall ship South Passage in year 9.

Senior students are invited to participate in a number of extended school excursions and study tours throughout years 10, 11 and 12. St Luke’s also coordinates cultural exchanges to Japan and Germany.

In 2016 the Humanities Department is leading a History Study Tour to Europe.

Cultural Immersion and Student Exchange Tour to Germany

Since 1997 St Luke's initiated a sister school relationship with a school in Bavaria, and since then, 350 students and more than a dozen staff have immersed themselves in the rich German culture and language for a month. In kind, St Luke’s has welcomed an equal number of students from Germany to stay with us. This year we will oversee the 9th round of our exchange program that is open for all students from Years 9 to 12.

In more recent years, St Luke’s has begun to offer a long-term individual student exchange program to a school in southern Germany. These students are given the experience of living and studying in Germany for the entire Term 2 in Gaienhofen, a small town on the banks of Lake Constance. In kind, a few select St Luke's families will welcome a German student into their homes for the entire Term 3.

Japanese Cultural Exchange Program

St Luke’s offer their students an exchange trip to Japan during the September holidays every two years. This inspirational life-affirming experience is open to Years 10 to 12 students and not exclusively to students of Japanese. The tour provides St Luke’s students first-hand experience of Japanese life with families from our sister city in Settsu Osaka. Students live with a host family and attend lessons at Settsu High school with their host student. The tour program also includes an extensive tour of this beautiful and historically significant country, taking in Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto and Hiroshima.