Year 6 Students Score High in Literacy Planet Word Mania Competition

Literacyplanet Article

Literacy Planet offers thousands of interactive online exercises and brings together qualities of best practice in literacy education with cutting edge digital game design.

Here at St Luke’s, the software is a new addition to Kellie Hansen’s class, 6H. Ms Hansen came across the website when she explored ways to incorporate differentiation into the classroom. “Once I registered my students I was able to set ability appropriate and challenging tasks for students to complete,” she said.

Literacy Planet also likes to engage students through friendly competition. This year’s competition, Literacy Planet Word Mania 2016, saw more than 2000 schools sign up, and involve 260 000 students - including class 6H.

In the first week of competition class 6H won 1st Place for Participation. In the second week they gained 2nd place for Participation and 3rd for Skill in our region.

6H have already completed the final round of competition and we are currently waiting for these results! (Watch this space!)

Through using Word Mania, students have learned to develop and apply their growing morphemic knowledge. They can apply quick responses, add prefixes and suffixes to word bases, and write increasingly complex words.

What’s next?

Literacy Planet will now be investigated further to determine if St Luke’s teachers will use it as an ongoing teaching and learning resource, much in the same way that we embrace Mathletics.