Trey Warren - Trey's Taking Focussed View

Trey's Taking Focussed View

Written by Journalist, Angela Norval - Bundaberg Today, Friday July 29, 2022

Often seeing the world from behind a camera lens, year 11 student Trey Warren is continuing to wow fellow students and staff with his photographic skill.

Trey’s talent was recognised in his early years at St Luke’s Anglican School by his Multi-Media Arts teacher Cheryl Jones, who helped him develop further skill throughout middle school in video editing, camera, photography, graphic design, coding and even web development.

Such is Trey’s continuing skill and clear commitment to highlighting school events through volunteering his time, he was eventually named in 2022 as the first captain of photography at St Luke’s; a position that will now continue after he graduates.

This allows him to capture incredible moments at all school events including swimming and sporting carnivals, the upcoming Community Fair and cross country.

Asked what it was about being behind the lens and seeing the world differently that he enjoyed, Trey said it was the concept of being in control of the camera and being able to capture a moment of the world on screen or film.

“I have a clear passion for digital media and this is something that I would love to pursue both through my university studies and future career aspirations,” he said.

“Being a part of school events as the captain of photography has allowed me to do what I love which is capture moments using my camera which is never far from my side.

“I would like to say I do have a good eye for moments; I’m always on the lookout for really good shots that I think would be amazing for the school to use in their posts.

“I always find it amazing that my grade is always happy for me to take a pic of them all together as well which makes me really happy to know.”

Another person who has been able to give Trey a firsthand look into what a future in multi-media can look like is St Luke’s director of communications and development Josh Hogarth.

Trey spent time with Mr Hogarth learning about his work, briefing him on advertising, marketing, digital marketing, digital media, graphic design and also promotions.

“I’ve always wanted to take my skills into the real world and actually make a living off of it and when Mr Hogarth said I could do marketing with my photography, I was interested to the point I believe that it might be my future career.

“It was very interesting to learn about and definitely has opened up my eyes to new opportunities.

“Finding out about this whole new way I could use my photography skills has definitely been great to learn about and ties in well with the other learning I am doing at school such as digital solutions which includes computing and coding, problem solving, web design, databasing, and API application.”

As Trey continues to make his mark throughout the school Ms Jones continues to welcome the opportunity to work with students like Trey, describing it as the best part of her job.

“I have taught Trey for several years, though I feel that he only started coming out of his when he started the first photography unit,” she said.

“He is a very thoughtful and quiet student whose photography is a way of sharing his unique perspective with the world.

“He is excited to share his work and open to receiving feedback and because of his self reflection and eagerness to improve I think he could make an excellent photographer or videographer.” 

For Ms Jones, she can see how Trey has been able to grow in confidence by pursuing his passion for photography and taking photographs at school events which allows him to work with other people and put himself out there.

“I feel very honoured to be the person who got him started in his passion for multimedia and to have walked with him on this journey.

“In the future I can definitely see Trey working in photography or videography as he enjoys editing videos, and I think this is a very marketable skill; particularly with so many video creators outsourcing.