The Winner of Bundaberg Council’s Recycling Competition is…

Recycling Article

St Luke’s Anglican School, with their various coloured bins, display boards, chooks and worms.

Member for Burnett, Stephen Bennett forged this new education initiative which saw Bundaberg Regional Council, Impact Community Services and A2Z Waste Recycling come on board to promote the importance of recycling.

The Waste Minimisation and Recycling Competition asked students to demonstrate the various ways they could implement waste minimisation and recycling within the school.

St Luke’s Year 3 and 4 Students Embraced the Challenge

Year 3’s helped younger students choose which bin their rubbish needed to go into.

They created display boards on each bin to show examples of what needed to go where.

And made sure there were a variety of bins for rubbish options: recycling and waste bins, paper recycling bins, and boxes for chook and worm scraps.

For the Chooks and Worms

Students cut food scraps into small pieces and fed them to the worms.

Composting worm habitats were built out of soft drink bottles in a Design and Technology Curriculum project.

Then there was Data!

A tangible result could be presented: the exact amount of rubbish that was saved from going into landfill. Students weighed the rubbish each day and recorded the amount using a spreadsheet, then graphed.

In just one term, 172 kg of rubbish was collected.

And Compost!

Year 4 students used the product of Year 3’s composting worms to fertilise their vegetable garden.