The Strong Arm of St Luke’s is Sport

Sport Article

St Luke's Anglican School boasts an exceptional sporting tradition, and offers exclusive support for young athletes to accelerate their performance and compete in state and national events. Equally important are the numerous sporting programs that St Luke’s has established. These are designed to expose students to as many different activities as possible in a non-competitive environment.

Sport for Fun

Primary School students participate in the Sporting Schools Program which introduces them to a variety of new sports in a fun environment. The Sporting Schools Program aims to develop the student’s skill and teamwork, while inspiring their love for the game.

St Luke’s offer an extensive After School Activities Program for Years 4 to 12 and include activities such as The Run Factory, Tennis, The Cricket Factory, Dance, and Rugby.

Sport for Competition

The High Performance Program offers talented students an opportunity to create individually tailored academic programs that are designed to help them balance their intensive training and academic schedules.

Sport Expo

St Luke’s is home to the hugely successful bi-annual Sports Expo. 26 development officers and clubs participate in the Expo, showcasing their sport, promoting health and well being, and encouraging students to play sport either for recreation or for competition.

St Luke’s Winning Streak

St Luke’s Anglican School participates in Primary and Secondary School Carnivals, as well as the Bundaberg & District Schools Summer Sport and Winter Sport competitions.

St Luke’s is the reigning champions in the Secondary Schools Swimming, Cross Country, and Head of River Rowing Regatta.

St Luke’s has also won the Secondary Schools Athletics Percentage trophy, as well as the Primary School Athletics B Division Trophy in 2016.

St Luke’s Director of Sport, Len Kirchner says that the primary objective for sport in school is to learn important life skills. “We believe that sport does not build strong character, but it can definitely reveal it.”