St Luke’s Rebecca Greiner Wears Green and Gold in London for U23 Hockey

Rebecca Greiner Aus Article

Rebecca’s life right now is equal parts senior study and intensive hockey training, with maybe a quick pause to recall her most recent success in London when she wore the green and gold to compete against Great Britain and the Netherlands.

“The highlight of going to London was being able to wear the green and gold body suit alongside some of the best players in junior hockey both in Australia & the world. Also, seeing Big Ben and only having to pay $2 for the best and biggest brownies I've ever seen,” she said.

Rebecca was a starter in a 6-0 win over Britain, and scored quality time on the field in other matches. Australia beat the Netherlands for the first time in 3 years, and won second place in the overall event.

The St Luke’s senior student has her sights set on a good performance in the upcoming Australian Hockey League in September, which could secure her a place on the Australian team for November’s Junior World Cup in Chile.

“Junior World Cup is the ultimate goal. And with a bit of luck on the QCS, I should still get the OP that will get me into University. I want to apply for courses in Physiotherapy and Psychology at some Uni’s in Brisbane; then train with the Queensland Academy of Sport 5 days a week and try to progress with hockey.” Sounds like a plan!