St Luke’s Announces their Focus on Future with Entrepreneurs Day

Stevebaxter Article

Steve Baxter, Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur and resident tech guru on Chanel 10’s Shark Tank accepted St Luke’s invitation to present a keynote speech at their first Entrepreneurs Day on November 1.

Steve presented along with other entrepreneurs, Bundaberg’s own Alex Afflick, co-founder of Audeara, and Leigh Kelson innovator at media brand Beach City to a packed arena of St Luke’s students from years 6 to 12, parents and teachers. They described their departure from regular degree-backed careers and charging into the entrepreneurial world, and the key lessons they learned on their unique and wildly fulfilling career paths.

Army veteran Steve Baxter shared that his core principle is, you get back what you put in. The army, he said, gave him his sense of being. “I learned to shut my mouth, and trust the person behind me. I learned the value of process, and to turn up for work on time. I learned to appreciate duty, to dress better, respect my mates, and maintain a sense of humour.”

When Steve finished serving his time in the army, he invested his life savings into his first start-up, one of the first internet service providers in Australia. He knew nothing about the internet, however this didn’t stop him from studying all about it using “rare things called books that were made from trees”. He quipped, “If someone is not prepared to pick up a book to learn something, I have a low opinion of that person.”

On how to start a business Steve said, “Google has more money than God, so if you’re a start-up, don’t do what Google does.”

And on investments he shared, “People matter. Ideas don’t matter. Problems matter. If you don’t have the skills you need to succeed, then you’re in trouble. A common phrase that is thrown around the heady world of entrepreneurs is, Ready, Fire! Aim. In other words, just start.”

Students connected enthusiastically to Steve’s ideas and business advice. His career trajectory represents a sapience and sagacity that will likely serve well the coming generations. And St Luke’s have stepped forward, refining leading-edge curriculum that is designed to cultivate independent and creative thinking skills within their pedagogy.

St Luke’s Head of Learning and Innovation, Matthew Hughes says, “St Luke’s have an impressive track record of scoring among the best schools in Australia on external assessments, but the skills that are tested on these are only the beginning. What we pride ourselves on is being future-focused; assisting students to develop creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking skills, as well as providing opportunities for collaboration and calculated risk taking.”

We have been so busy fixing the horse and wagon in order to get to the moon instead of spending time and resources inventing rockets.