Multi-million Dollar Middle School Building Now Open

Middle School Opening

It’s finally open! Member for Hinkler, the Hon. Keith Pitt attended the opening of the Middle School Building which provides eight state-of-the-art classrooms, multi-purpose areas, kitchen amenities, staff room, office, and an outdoor learning area. It is the first time that Middle School students can congregate together within St. Luke’s school.

The learning space design sourced inspiration from the latest education research that will see St Luke’s students learn more effectively. Head of Middle School, Mr Ryan Collins said that the facility has brought a new dimension to how middle school was run. This multi-purpose facility can now deliver 21st century curriculum and encapsulate the middle school philosophy effortlessly.


Construction for the 4.1 million dollar building began in earnest last year, after the Federal Government Capital Grants Program awarded the school $500,000 in funding and a further $500,000 through the State Government Capital Assistance Scheme. St Luke’s wish to acknowledge the Anglican Financial Services who provided additional loan funding for this middle school building.