Libraries Are Now Learning Hubs and there’s a Big Difference

Learning Hub Article

They’ve been going by way of the dinosaur since the internet took on the mantle of research and fact-finding; and to avoid extinction, libraries have needed to evolve. What can a library become if visitors no longer want to use books to research facts?

Introducing the Library 2.0, or as St Luke’s calls it, The Learning Hub: a place where students can utilise traditional library facilities, and also access modern, digital research tools in a unique and vibrant learning environment.

St Luke’s Learning Hub invites students to go beyond traditional learning and innovate and collaborate. Come in; get comfortable, work collaboratively with peers in a unique space designed to encourage team play and access teacher support.

Ways the Learning Hub is Used

  • Primary and middle school students continue to use the Learning Hub for literacy lessons, developing a love for literature.
  • Senior school students focus on e-learning to study school subjects ‘off timetable’ during their study lessons.
  • After school homework tutoring.
  • Incorporates the Makerspace concept.
  • Students from Prep to Year 12 all share the one learning space, which naturally creates opportunities for older students to establish mentoring relationships.

Manager of the Learning Hub, Sarah Simpson, says, “The design is to encourage innovation and research through peer collaboration using digital technologies.”

She loves how the e-Learning-style offers significant flexibility for students to develop their own programs that are more specific to their needs.