Lara Kirk - Filled with Opportunities

Filled with Opportunities

Written by Journalist, Angela Norval - Bundaberg Today, Friday May 28, 2021 

St Luke’s Anglican School Year 11 student Lara Kirk has embraced the many opportunities available to her since moving from Canberra to Bundaberg in 2018.

While Lara admitted to being a keen sportswoman - playing sport both for the school and on the weekend, with a passion for softball and netball, even making the representative teams for softball - she is also looking towards setting up her future academically.

Lara has found that the beauty of her education at St Luke’s Anglican School is that she is able to cover her love of sport and physical activity by doing Health and Physical Education as a subject, but also has a number of other options open to her.

Lara doesn’t have a dream job set in stone, but has been grateful for the opportunity to set herself up for a strong future through certificate- level training and experience.

“This extra in-school training for me started with a Certificate III in Business Administration which has allowed me to get extra on the job training at Regional Business HQ one day a week and also during the school holidays,” she said.

“I enjoy working at RBHQ as I am gaining experience in the workforce, learning and understanding how a business is run and what that entails and where this can lead me in the future.

“I have also enjoyed having the opportunity to meet new people and learn from their work related experiences.”

Not content to stop there and appreciating that hospitality is an industry that has a variety of different options for future careers, Lara will have finished a Certificate III in Hospitality by the end of this year.

“I first heard about these certificates that can be gained through in-school training in the daily notices at school,” she said.

“Given all that I have learned now I am glad that I took the initiative and spoke to the St Luke’s director of academic welfare and careers, Mr Kane Kersnovske, as I can see having these certificates will greatly benefit me in the future.

“I am continuing to learn about the many different job opportunities there are within hospitality and even in bigger organisations the business administration jobs also under the hospitality banner meaning I have plenty of options open to me and training I enjoy.”