Klaire Hodgetts - Klaire's Inspirational Gift

Klaire's Inspirational Gift

Written by Journalist, Angela Norval - Bundaberg Today, Friday April 29, 2022

There is something about music and the performing arts that continues to inspire St Luke’s Anglican School’s Klaire Hodgetts.

Despite the usual academic stresses of being a year 12 student, Klaire continues to find the time to not only share her amazing soprano voice with the Bundaberg region, but thankfully with the whole of Queensland as part of the Conservatorium of Music’s Australian Honours Ensemble Program.

Klaire said her passion for music and the performing arts started with learning the flute in year 3 at St John’s before then joining the school choir.

“Getting the right notes and being able to blend into a big sound that is what a choir or band is about and the audience happy, was such a great feeling and a connection that I have kept throughout my high school life,” she said.

“Through my singing and also playing the oboe, I have found that my technique has continued to developed over the years but also, I have gotten more confidence in performing for others with thanks to the exposure and opportunities things such as concerts, eisteddfods and the church choir have given me.

“As a soprano and perfecting songs that I truly love, makes me feel like what I have worked so hard on was purposeful, especially when I get harmonies right, which I don’t often get because sopranos only really get melody lines.”

Klaire has many areas to look forward to in regards to her singing, anxiously waiting to see if she is accepted once again into the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane’s Australian Honours Ensemble Program.

“Last year I really loved the atmosphere of just sheer eagerness to learn, and I loved the range of songs we sang, so I was able to explore genres I hadn’t been subject to beforehand.

“Plus, I have to be honest, the soprano two harmonies were really cool.

“Being accepted into the program, the recognition was an honour, but just auditioning and then being given the experience was much more rewarding than any recognition I could have gotten.”

For Klaire, her talent also extends to the oboe, an instrument not often in the spotlight, but one she was drawn to when it was played in the senior band so well by a former St Luke’s student, Nicola.

As well as liking the sound the oboe provided to the band, Klaire realised the band would be lost without the oboe when Nicola graduated, so she picked it up.

For Klaire, it has been an ability to seek further skills, while also having strong mentors such as Sarah Ferguson that have really helped her to shine.

“Having such big ties to the Anglican Church and their choir program has really helped grow my singing into what it is now.

“As well as eisteddfods and concerts like the school’s cultural celebration evening was such a good founding ground for confidence and growing such strong groups of friends that I hope to stay close with in the future.

“It is thanks to the support of St Luke’s staff that I am able to look forward to the upcoming Bundaberg Eisteddfod where I will be competing for singing in five sections, drama in four sections and additionally in wind ensemble and the year 12 music ensemble for the school.

“Ms Ferguson is so supportive and engaged in all that I do and I really value that from her.

“As a music teacher myself, I hope to be able to give that to others in my future.

“I know through my work with younger children through the Playhouse Theatre that I love helping and understanding children.

“It makes me feel like I have a direct impact on the future without having to time travel or be in politics.

“Sharing my love for music with kids would hopefully bring joy into their lives, like it has mine.”

Director of co-curricular, Sarah Ferguson continues to love seeing Klaire bring her talent to others and said Klaire worked exceptionally well with the school’s younger students, providing them with support, guidance and a positive attitude.

“She has even introduced the performing arts mascot for the year, Paulie, which is a toy cactus that is loved by everyone of all ages,” she said.

“Klaire has also been recently approved for a choral scholarship, whereby St Luke’s and the Anglican Parish of Bundaberg share costs in a $4000 tuition for her while she also actively participates in vocal contributions for the church choir and is a wonderful result.”