Jasmine Gill - Gill's Shooting for future

Gill's Shooting for Future

Written by Journalist, Angela Norval - Bundaberg Today, Friday October 29, 2021

For Jasmine Gill, following in her big sister’s footsteps has seen her discover a love and natural talent for netball that is set to take her all the way to the top.

Jasmine started her netball career joining the Bundaberg Netball Association Nippers Program in 2013 before going on to join Brothers Netball Club in 2017.

The Year 10 student is now not only one of the top athletes at St Luke’s Anglican School but has been selected from 85 girls in Queensland to play for the Sunshine Coast Under-16 Thunder, which is a direct pathway to playing for the Under-18 Rubies, then the Sapphires, and eventually in the Suncorp Super Netball Competition.

Asked at what age she knew she wanted to pursue netball, Jasmine said she always really enjoyed playing at representative level and competing against the best players around the state.

“I have been fortunate enough to have been in some really good teams with girls who are good company so that makes playing netball even more enjoyable,” she said.

“I really enjoy the challenge of trying to continually improve my game and to continue to try to compete in the strongest possible competitions both here in Bundaberg and in state-wide competitions.”

Aged only 15, Jasmine was selected to play division one for Brothers Netball among older players and was even awarded Attacker of the Year.

“St Luke’s have always continued to support my sporting dreams, giving me the opportunity to play in competitions such as QISSN from Year 8 which has been really great because I was able to compete against much older and much taller opponents which made me develop my game to be able to contribute to our team,” she said.

While still quite young, Jasmine, with the support of her family and teachers, is maintaining a sport and school life balance well, travelling each week to the Sunshine Coast to train. She admitted it was tiring but said it was worth it.

“I realise that very few athletes reach the professional level so it is important to play sport for enjoyment, but continue to strive to do well academically which provides great opportunities to have a range of career options when I finish my education,” she said.

“Having the opportunity to be involved in the Sunshine Coast Thunder program has opened my eyes to a professional netball pathway.

“It has also been great to bump into some of the Lightning players when we have been at training sessions, which is a real inspiration.

“They have been very friendly and welcoming and some of them are from regional areas, which shows me that kids from places like Bundaberg do have a chance to become professional netball players.

“The weekly trips to the Sunshine Coast have been really great, I always come away feeling like I have learned something and improved my game.

“The girls involved in that program are awesome and I have made some great new friends.”

Looking to the future, Jasmine is certain she would like to play netball at the highest level possible, and would also like to attend university to study commerce or law.

Until then, she is keeping her eye on her game, working with a supportive club and rep coaches who help her look for ways to improve her game, and taking opportunities to participate in high-level competitions that really push her to keep improving.