Future Shines Bright for 2016 Graduate Johan Kuyler

Johan Kuyler

St Luke's interviewed 2016 St Luke's graduate, Johan Kuyler.

Congratulations on graduating high school in 2016, Johan. The products of your talents were always a pleasure to hear over the years at St Luke’s! What OP score did you receive?

"I received an OP 5 which is more than what I hoped for. I want to do a Bachelor in Music at the Griffith Queensland Conservatorium of Music and I don't need an OP for the course so I am more than pleased with my OP result."

How was the audition process for the Conservatorium’s Batchelor of Music degree?

"The audition process was difficult in the way that I did not know what to expect. I recently completed my AMEB 8th grade classical piano exam but I was not sure if I was at the same standard as other applicants, as piano is a very competitive instrument. The audition lasted for 15 minutes and I was required to play three of my own choice pieces, sight reading and a short interview."

How was your experience at St Luke's? 

"I believe in giving everything a go and taking every opportunity that comes my way. St Luke's has provided me with a number of opportunities such as the German exchange, a high level music and academic education, as well as service and sporting opportunities. The teachers were always motivating and pushing me to do my best and I would not be where I am now without their support and guidance. The most important gift that St Luke’s gave me is confidence, maturity and independence."

And your broader goals following University?

"My broader goals are to hopefully become a concert pianist or become a pianist in residence for an orchestra and if that does not work, teaching and accompanying."

Johan, on behalf of everybody here at St Luke’s, we wish you a stellar experience at the Conservatorium and beyond. You stand strong, supported well by your open mind and strength in your confidence. No mountain will be too high. Good luck!