Daina and Danielle - Junior Authors of book 'Too Bright Tonight'

Toobrighttonightbook Article

School children around Bundaberg have joined forces with Hinkler Central and an award-winning Australian children’s author to pen ‘Too Bright Tonight’, a fun illustrated book that highlights the importance of light conservation around turtle rookeries, especially those on the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

The book has been released to celebrate the return of Bundaberg’s most famous visitors, the endangered loggerhead turtles who nest at Mon Repos beach every year.

The project, proudly supported by Hinkler Central, teamed award winning writer Emma Mactaggart with local children as part of the Cut The Glow conservation efforts of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife, with all proceeds donated to the Mon Repos Turtle Centre.

The book is now available for purchase from the Bundaberg, Childers and Gin Gin Visitor Information Centres, as well as Mon Repos Turtle Centre for only $14.95. So pop in and pick up a copy today!