Commissioning of New Principal, Mr Matthew Hughes

St Luke’s Anglican School celebrated a significant moment in its school history on Friday 9 February, with the official induction of new Principal, Mr Matthew Hughes, at a special Commissioning Service officiated by The Most Reverend Jeremy Greaves, Archbishop of Brisbane.

As the sixth Principal of St Luke’s since its foundation in 1994, Mr Hughes said it was “indeed an honour to have been appointed” and pledged to “do all I can to uphold the distinctive culture that is in place at St Luke’s”.

In the presence of staff, students, School Council, families and families of St Luke’s, Archbishop Jeremy Greaves invited Mr Hughes to “lead the staff and students under your care, honouring their gifts and cherishing their contribution to the building up of the School and the fulfilment of its vision”.

Throughout the service, Mr Hughes spoke of the importance of community and his commitment to nurturing the spiritual, academic, sporting and cultural life at St Luke's.

“I pledge to devote my time and my energy to all in the School community,” he said.

To symbolise this new chapter in the School’s history, Mr Hughes was presented with a number of symbols and gifts by the School’s student Leaders to guide and inspire him.

Following his commissioning, Mr Hughes reflected upon his journey.

“Where others might see coincidence, I see examples of God’s plan for us. I’ve had setbacks in my life, and you may have heard me say that I haven’t always enjoyed the roundabouts and roadblocks that have been placed in my way, but when I look back, those things were exactly what I needed, they taught me something. Something that I will use as I serve you as Principal,” he said.

“My experience is that God works through the people around us, it is their suggestions, urgings, influence, offers of assistance, and the examples they set which reveal our paths and support us, though it is still up to each of us to make our own decisions, to accept or reject advice, and to act on opportunities presented to us.”

To the students, Mr Hughes said, “First, I encourage you to look for the signs of the plan that is laid out for you, and, like the disciples in the Gospel reading today, to be brave enough to follow it. It won’t always be easy, but in my experience, it will be exactly what you need. And secondly, remember that we are all interconnected and that most accomplishments of consequence are achieved as part of a team. So, always be mindful of those around you. At times, you will draw strength from them, and at other times, you will lend them your strength. Be both grateful for them and gracious towards them.”

Mr Hughes is a long-serving staff member at St Luke’s, having first joined the School as a Mathematics teacher in 2012. In his time at the School, Mr Hughes has held several positions, including Head of Mathematics, Head of Middle School and Deputy Principal. He is an outstanding leader with a passion for Pastoral Care, community and the holistic development of students.