Homestay Program

Homestay Program

St Luke's offers a unique Homestay Program for students who live in regional and remote areas. The Homestay Program is also an option for International Students who wish to study on-campus at St Luke’s Anglican School. The homestay program offers both five-day and full-time accommodation.

St Luke's Homestay Program

What is the Homestay Program?

The St Luke's Anglican School Homestay Program is a guardianship and accommodation program for students attending St Luke's who do not, or cannot, live with their parents or legal guardians during their tenure at St Luke's. The Homestay Program has been developed with compliance to all legal requirements for students who live away from their parents or legal guardians, including International Students. It provides full-time care and accommodation to these students during their schooling.

Students who participate in the Homestay Program are guaranteed, at a minimum, to be provided with:

  • Comfortable and healthy home environment
  • Private, single bedroom with adequate storage
  • Suitable area to study
  • Healthy diet with balanced nutrition
  • Respect and an acceptable level of privacy
  • Reasonable and safely monitored social life
  • Shared access to usual household luxuries, such as television and other general living comforts
CArefully Selected Homestay Families

Homestay Program students will reside with and be cared for by Homestay families who hold a Blue Card and have been screened and approved with a current Police Check and Risk Assessment, as per the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act, 2000Homestay families are members of our school community. 

Apply to the Homestay Program

To apply to the St Luke's Homestay Program, please contact Registrar, Caroline Warnock, by phone on +61 7 4132 7555 or by email.  

Apply to Become a Homestay Family

St Luke's is currently seeking residents and families of Bundaberg and the local surrounding areas to become Homestay Families. As a Homestay Family or Homestay Caregiver, a St Luke's international student will become part of your home and family for the duration of their stay in Bundaberg and at St Luke's, and that student will be under your primary care. 

To register your interest in becoming a St Luke's Homestay Family or Caregiver, please click the green-button link below, or to find our more about becoming a Homestay Family, please contact St Luke's Registrar, Caroline Warnock by phone on 07 4132 7555 or by email.