Vocational Education

Vocational Education and Training (VET) prepares students for jobs that are based in manual or practical activities, which are totally related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation, such as hospitality, automotive, health services, sport, fitness, and recreation. It is a form of hands-on technical education, as the student directly develops skills in a specific trade or work area.

Meet Kane Kersnovske, Director of Academic Welfare and Careers

Kane Kersnovske is the father of three beautiful daughters, all enrolled at St Luke's, and has an impressive and extensive education, including Bachelor degrees in Education and Health and Physical Education, and Mathematics/Business, an Associate Diploma in Marketing, and Certificates in Fitness and Training and Assessment. Prior to teaching he also established an extensive career in multiple industries, including hospitality, banking and health insurance, before started a teaching career in 2003. Five years later, Kane joined the teaching staff at St Luke’s Anglican School and has since taken on the role of Director of Academic Welfare and Careers. 

In this role, and with his extensive background and wealth of experience, he works closely with each student in the Senior School to help match up their skills, abilities, interests and personalities with various pathways to trades, careers and tertiary education.

Vocational Education

St Luke's Anglican School strives to provide the opportunity for every student to succeed, and for every student to plan a pathway to enable them to lead a satisfying, prosperous life beyond Year 12. We are continually updating and developing programs that progress students through this process in the Senior years. These programs include:

  • Individual Career Profiling
  • Start University Now (SUN) Programs
  • Targeted Year-level Career Education
  • Intensive Career and Pathways Program for Year 10-12
  • Work Experience Options for all Students
  • Career Expos and Excursions
  • Resume Writing and Employment Coaching
  • Mock Interviews
  • Opportunities to Attend Local University Open Days
  • Try-a-Trade Experiences
  • Guest Speakers
  • VET Certificate Courses
  • School-based Traineeships and Apprenticeships
  • Detailed Information on Study, Employment, Defence Force, and Gap Year Opportunities

Tertiary Education & Career Early Pathways Program

Through the Vocational Education Program, St Luke's also offers its Senior School students a variety of career pathways into a vast numbers of professions, with learning and readiness starting as early as Year 10. 

In partnership with CQUniversity, TAFE Queensland, Australian Defence Force, and a considerable number of local businesses, Director of Academic Welfare & Careers, Kane Kersnovske opens doors and works with students to pursue careers post-graduation, including:

  • Aviation   
  • Business
  • Fitness 
  • Drone Licencing 
  • Childcare
  • Animal Studies
  • Production Horticulture
  • School-based Apprenticeships
  • Start University Now (SUN) Program at CQUniversity
  • Motor Mechanics
  • Engineering 
  • Electrotechnology
  • Army, Navy, and Air Force Defence Force Jobs

Through St Luke's Tertiary Education and Career Pathways Program, some of St Luke's successes have already included: 

Student Success Stories, 2021

Demi-Lee Roebuck (Year 12)

Demi-Lee Roebuck (Year 12). Demi-lee is an aspiring Sports Physiotherapist who has already completed a Certificate II in Sport and Recreation and Certificate III in Fitness through the College of Health & Fitness, and completed the Anatomy & Physiology undergraduate subject through CQUniversity. Read Demi-Lee's Bundaberg Today story by clicking here.

Connor Schultz (Year 11)

LaraConnor Schultz (Year 11). In 2021, Connor entered into his first-year Diesel Mechanic Apprenticeship with Bundaberg Vanderfield John Deere, Bundaberg, to pursue a long-standing career aspiration in agriculture. Read Connor's Bundaberg Today story by clicking here

Lara Kirk (Year 11)

Lara Kirk (Year 11). Lara has commenced her Certificate III in Business Administration which has allowed for her to get extra on-the-job training at Regional Business Headquarters one day each week and during school holidays. She is also currently completing a Certificate III in Hospitality. Read Lara's Bundaberg Today story by clicking here

Hurley Gatley (Year 12)

Hurley Gatley (Year 12). Introduced to all tiers of Government and the Youth Parliament Program by St Luke's Legal Studies Teacher, Jackie Bunyoung, Hurley discovered her desire to lay the foundation for political change, and a voice with which to achieve it, and is now considering a Political Science degree at university next year, and a possible career in politics thereafter. Read Hurley's Bundaberg Today story by clicking here.    

Tahsin Ahmed (Year 12)

Tahsin Ahmed (Year 12). Tahsin is on a fairly certain path to a Computer Science Degree next year after graduation from St Luke's. However, on the road to that destination he has been exposed to some amazing opportunities through Teachers, Jackie Bunyoung, Tori Hensel, and Cassie Thorne, including Queensland's Youth Parliament Program, Lions Youth of the Year, and QUT's Youth Accelerator Program. Read Tahsin's Bundaberg Today story by clicking here.  

Rube Timmons (Year 12)

Rube Timmons (Year 12). Rube completed his Certificate II Aircraft Line Maintenance which would lead in later years to a Certificate III in Unmanned Aerial Operations and experience with Brisbane's LifeFlight. Today, Rube is seriously considering a career in aviation after graduating from St Luke's. Read Rube's Bundaberg Today story by clicking here

Ben Rudd (Year 10)

Ben Rudd (Year 10). Currently completing his Year 10 studies at St Luke's, Ben is also enrolled in a Certificate II in Fitness at CQUniversity through the CQUniversity and St Luke's partnered Start University Now (SUN) Program. An impressive Triathlete and Rugby League player, Ben's career aspirations aren't set in stone, but with help from Mr Kersnovske, a variety of doors are being opened to him. Read Ben's Bundaberg Today story by clicking here