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St Luke's Anglican School Rowing

Welcome to St Luke's Anglican School Rowing. This program inspires all members, from rowers and their families, school staff and boat club personnel, to unite to create the best all round experience for our rowers. It draws on principles of community, commitment, respect and a common purpose.

Welcome to St Luke's Rowing

In 2022, St Luke's expects to boat over 50 students for the Bundaberg All Schools Regatta. Every aspect of our St Luke’s Anglican School Rowing Program is focused on providing students with the greatest opportunity to grow and develop as confident young rowers. Every effort is made to ensure that all students derive enjoyment, satisfaction, fulfilment and success from participating in the sport. 

How to Join St Luke's Rowing 

The best way to become a part of St Luke's Rowing is to first attend a Learn to Row event. These events are free to attend, held on weekends at various times throughout the year, and allow St Luke's students to try out rowing in a safe, supportive and educational environment. Led by experienced and qualified coaching staff, families of students are also welcome, and encouraged to attend. 

Learn to Row Events

This year, St Luke's hosts its Learn to Row event, held on Saturday and Sunday, February 19 and 20 at Bucca Rowing Centre and then its 'Come & Try' rowing day on November 5, both at Bucca Rowing Centre.

Any students or families who miss, or are unable to attend these events can still register their interest in St Luke's Rowing by contacting Director of Co-Curricular Sport, Len Kirchner on email by clicking here

Rowing Sign-On

For general rowing sign-on for participants of the St Luke's Rowing Program, please click here and fill out the online rowing sign on form.

Rowing Handbook, Sport Code of Conduct, & Sponsorship Prospectus

St Luke's Rowing Handbook

To view or download your copy of the St Luke's Rowing Handbook, please click the Rowing Handbook button below. 

St Luke's Sport Code of Conduct

The St Luke’s Anglican School Sport Code of Conduct applies to all staff, students, parents/guardians, volunteers, and contractors/employees of contractors as well as to individuals using or visiting the school’s facilities. All of the above parties must be aware of and comply with the policies provided within. To view or download your copy of the St Luke's Sport Code of Conduct, please click the Sport Code of Conduct button below. 

St Luke's Rowing Sponsorship Prospectus

For a copy of the 2022 Rowing Sponsorship Prospectus, please click the Rowing Sponsorship Prospectus button below or contact St Luke's Director of Co-Curricular Sport by clicking here, or St Luke's Rowing Fundraiser Coordinator, Donna Heaps by clicking here

Standard Uniform & Regatta Uniform

Training & Non-Competition Rowing Uniform

The training and non-competition rowing uniform is a St Luke's short or long-sleeve polo shirt and cap. The first shirt and cap is supplied to each rower and coach at no costs, with additional shirts, caps, hoodies, and supporter shirts available for purchase. Parents and volunteers may also choose to purchase supporter clothing:

  • St Luke’s Polo Shirt (Long sleeve/Short sleeve)
  • St Luke’s Rowing Hoodie
  • St Luke’s Rowing Cap
  • St Luke’s Rowing Supporter Shirt

The above items are available via the St Luke’s Uniform Shop. Samples for fitting will be available from Monday, 14 February. Both the free and additionally purchased rowing uniforms need to be fitted, ordered and paid for by Monday 14 March.

To view St Luke's Uniform Shop information, including contact information, please visit the Uniform Shop page of our website by clicking here.

Uniform for Regattas

Rowing students are expected to wear their St Luke’s Rowing Polo Shirts with the St Luke’s Sports shorts to all School Regattas. Students may only wear their St Luke’s Rowing Hoodies or St Luke’s Track Suits in colder weather. Students have the option to wear their St Luke’s Rowing Cap or the St Luke’s Sports Hat.

It is tradition at St Luke’s Rowing that rowers are allowed to wear funky socks when competing at School Regattas.

All rowers have to compete in the St Luke’s Zoot Suit (see how to order below). Students are allowed to wear a white St Luke’s Rash Shirt under their Zoot Suits.

Purchasing Your Zoot Suit & Sizing Guide

  • Every parent needs to order their child(ren)'s Zoot Suit directly from the manufacturer. The one-piece design is Omega with normal back, navy bottom, bottle green top with white V, and St Luke's crest on the chest (pictured above). 
  • Ordering your child(ren)'s St Luke's Zootie can be completed online or by phone via the Oarsome website by clicking here. A sizing guide is also available by clicking here.
  • The estimated shipping time is 2-3 weeks. 
  • At the time of ordering, please inform the supplier that an order is being made for a Zootie for St Luke's Anglican School, Bundaberg. 

Rowing Calendar Dates

Important dates for St Luke's Rowing in 2023 are to be confirmed:

Squad Training Times & Gym Sessions

St Luke's Gym Sessions

St Luke’s rowers are welcome to attend strength and conditioning sessions in the St Luke's School Gym under the supervision of experienced and qualified staff of Coral Coast Physiotherapy during the time slots provided below. Female rowers can also attend the female-only sessions.

To attend gym sessions, students must wear their St Luke’s sport uniform and bring their own towel and water bottle. 

Times and date for St Luke's Rowing in 2023 are to be confirmed. Please check back here soon.

Training Times

St Luke's Rowing training times for 2023 are to be confirmed. Please check back here soon. 

St Luke's Rowing Committee & Coaches

Please see following the St Luke's Rowing Support Group Committee and Rowing Coaches. To become a St Luke's Rowing Volunteer, please complete this Volunteer Registration & Training From.

St Luke's Rowing Coaches
  • Ian Grotherr
  • Chris Ellem
  • Ford Carson
  • Paul Webberly
  • Rod Dick
  • Toby Reynolds
  • Phoebe Ellem
  • Zac Freeman

St Luke's Rowing Committee

Director of Co-Curricular Sport Rowing Coordinator
Len Kirchner
Fiona O'Connor
Jacqueline Dechaineux
Nicole Freeman
Publicity Officer
Shana Mortimer
Fundraising Coordinator
Donna Heaps
Regatta Administrator
Lee-Anne Clark
Coach Coordinator
Ian Grotherr
Shed Captain
Ben Goodchap

Additional Rowing Resources

Here are a list of links to essential rowing resources for all St Luke's rowers and their families.

Bundaberg Rowing Club
  • Bundaberg Rowing Club including sign on and membership fees: Click here.
  • Bundaberg All Schools Head of River Series Regatta Rules: Click here.
Rowing Queensland 

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