Middle School

Educators at St Luke’s take inspiration from the eclectic mix of students enrolled in the Middle School program, who share a diverse range of learning styles and needs. The primary principle that underscores the middle school educational process is the need to make learning relevant, engaging and challenging.

Highly qualified and experienced middle school teachers have found that approaching an experiential-style of learning that encourages students to acquire knowledge from within the classroom as well as in the real world brings out the best academic results of students in their care. Students love to be able to apply what they have learned to real life situations and explore ideas and concepts beyond the pages of a textbook.

Students in Middle School become active in research projects as well as adventure-learning in camps and excursions. They undertake peer activities that inspire teamwork, and learning through service, where our students can undertake meaningful community-based activities.

Our new Middle School building superbly caters for the type of learning espoused by our middle school philosophy through the creation of open spaces, outdoor precincts, flexible learning areas and breakout rooms. Aesthetically, the building is extremely inviting and creates a wonderfully stimulating and appealing environment in which to teach and learn.

For more information please download a copy of our Middle and Senior Handbook below: