Awards + Colours

St Luke’s proudly recognises students who achieve excellence in sporting, music, service or academic activities. Outstanding students are presented with various awards such as School Colours, School Medals, Service Awards, Academic Awards, Special Awards, Certificate of Excellence as well as the Principal's Award.

Students who meet the award criteria and show exemplary behaviours in their attitude, commitment, dedication, sportsmanship, and meet the St Luke’s ethos of Faith, Performance, Honour can be nominated for these prestigious accolades.

School Colours

School Colours is an award that recognises outstanding work in a school-based competition, and takes into account aspects of the student’s behaviour.

Service Colours

Service Colours are awarded to students from years 7 to 12 who have shown great service in supporting and assisting others in a caring and unselfish manner. Service Colours recipients demonstrate a very high level of commitment to the community through activities that were directly organised by the school. Students can also set out to achieve Service Half Colours through demonstrating significant unselfish acts of service over a two year period in community service events such as Relay for Life, 40 Hour Famine, active membership of the chaplaincy team or worship band.

Academic Colours

Academic Colours are based on student results in examinations and awarded to students in years 7 to 12. With the exception of grade 12, the Academic Colours award is based upon the results of currently-held reporting data for the school year. For year 12, the Academic Colours award is presented on Speech Night. For students in Years 7 to 11, Academic Colours are based upon results in currently held reporting data for the school year and are presented at an Academic Assembly early in the following year.