Student and Child Safety

St Luke's Anglican School takes the protection and safety of its students very seriously. Rigorous practices, policies, procedures and teacher/staff training are regularly updated and communicated to ensure each student from every year level can enjoy a safe, healthy and supportive learning environment.

Student & Child Protection

The following statement of commitment to the safety and wellbeing of children and the protection of children from harm, seeks to provide a foundation to reflect, encourage and support a child safe culture. The Statement is required to be implemented by all persons within St Luke’s Anglican School and St Luke’s Early Learning Centre.

Anglican Schools and Education & Care Services are committed to providing environments where children and young people receive the highest standard of care, where their rights are supported, and they have the opportunity to thrive and be fruitful. Such environments nurture and safeguard the intelligence, dignity, safety and wellbeing of each child or young person, by placing them at the centre of thought, values and actions. 

As reflected in our Ethos, our vocation is education, driven by a vision of humanity, shaped by the image of God made visible in Jesus, present in every human being.  

  • Every child: made in the image and likeness of God.  
  • Every child: loveable and loved, unique and unrepeatable. 
  • Outstanding education for the flourishing of people and the good of community.  

Our faith is lived. We are hospitable and welcoming communities, who embody compassion, kindness, fairness, justice and love, and where exceptional pastoral care is practiced.  

Working and serving the best interests of children and young people is in everyone’s best interest. This is achieved through sustaining living and learning environments that are safe, supportive and stimulating. Specifically, we: 

  • Place emphasis on genuine engagement with children and young people; 
  • Create conditions that reduce the likelihood of harm to children and young people; 
  • Create conditions that increase the likelihood of identifying harm where it exists; and
  • Respond swiftly and appropriately to any concerns, disclosures, allegations or suspicions. 

This commitment is sought to be consistently reflected through the decisions and behaviour of all persons within the School or Service, who are guided by effective governance, policies, tools and processes. This fosters a child safe culture, where acting in children and young people’s best interests is at the heart of what we do

Current relevant and enforced policies for student protection for St Luke's Early Learning Centre, Primary School, Middle and Senior School are: 

Policies and Procedures
Early Learning Centre Child Protection Policies and Procedures
Protocols for Dealing with Complaints of Sexual Misconduct

In the event of any complaint of sexual misconduct, a thorough and step-by-step protocol will be followed and adhered to. 

Anglican Church of Australia National Apology Statement 

On October 19, 2018 the Anglican Church of Australia and The Archbishop of Brisbane, The Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall issued a national Formal Apology Statement. 

Cyber Safety

Parents and students can sometimes feel overwhelmed with online safety at home. That is why St Luke's, partnered with ySafe, offer the St Luke's community an extremely effective solution to ease the stress of managing cyber safety issues at home, and provide resources and practical and realistic strategies to parents which can be implemented to create a truly cyber safe home. 

Introducing the Cyber Safety Hub Parents

To access your Cyber Safety Hub, all St Luke's parents will need is the green button below.