Planning For The Future

Strategic & Annual Improvement Plans

St Luke’s is proud to be an Anglican school with ambition to afford young men and women the best educational opportunity in the region. During 2014, the 2015 to 2019 strategic plan was developed in consultation with stakeholders and rolled out at the school council meeting on Tuesday 28 October 2014. The strategic plan defines strategies for future directions and resource allocation over the coming five years. It also forms the basis around which the annual school improvement plan is set.

The 2019 to 2023 Strategic Plan will be developed during the course of 2018 to be implemented in the beginning of 2019.

In 2017, as part of the School's desire to further improve the quality of service that we provide, all students, parents and staff were invited to participate in a whole of school survey conducted by MMG Education, a consultancy specialising in school research and strategy development.

The results will further refine our operational process and strategic planning over the remainder of 2018 ahead of the release of an updated Strategic Plan, anticipated to be during Term 3. Once finalised, the plan will be published and shared with our school community.

Master Plan

The St Luke's master plan is set to be revised and updated in 2018 providing us with a fresh, long-term direction for the school. The underlying motivation for creating a master plan is our pursuit of refinement in the school environment as well as our ambition to offer the best possible teaching and learning facilities to our students.

Several major building projects have dramatically changed the appearance of the School and improved the capacity for staff to deliver lessons in modern, state-of-the-art learning spaces.

The Middle School Building opened in 2016 providing students with a unique, state-of-the-art learning environment that embraces collaborative learning styles and outdoor learning space.

The Performing Arts Centre brought all the performance subjects together in one place and proudly offers purpose-built spaces for classroom music lessons, small performance practice, drama and dance. The jewel in the Performing Arts Center’s crown is a multi-purpose performance space that can seat 154 people in tiered seating.

The Library and Resource Centre was refurbished in 2016 in order to become a Learning Hub - an inviting, technology-rich learning space, which also houses an array of physical and online library resources. The Learning Hub is also the home of the IT department, as well as such activities as Robotics, Multimedia, Digital Technologies and eLearning. Coming in just shy of 1 100 m², this building is now the hub of learning for all students across the campus where students are encouraged to challenge convention, be original, invent and create, as well as be involved in academic and intellectual pursuits, reading and research. It boasts a lecture theatre that can seat more than 180 students as well as small break out rooms for tutorials and group work.

Two purpose-built state-of-the-art senior secondary science classrooms have now opened, increasing the number of labs on campus to five.

Catering has become a commanding subject since the opening of a modern all-stainless steel hospitality room that compares easily to commercial kitchens in fine hotels and restaurants across the country.

The Early Learning Centre continues to flourish since the introduction of our second Pre-preparatory Classroom. To accommodate this additional classroom, St Luke’s built an entirely new Early Learning Centre for Kindy and Pre-preparatory children. Two new playgrounds and shade structures were redeveloped in 2016.

The primary oval was redeveloped at the end of 2012 though laser levelling, and additional new turf was laid down improving the play space.

The amphitheatre area outside of the Hollingworth building also underwent a remodel at the same time, and this has provided a much improved lunch time eating area along with an outdoor teaching space for teachers and students. The amphitheatre was further redeveloped in 2016 with the opening of the new Middle School Building to offer an outdoor performance area for use by students for special events and assemblies.

The Preparatory and Year 1 playground has also been redeveloped. In addition, a new upper primary playground was installed in 2016 as well as a new undercover play area adjacent to the ovals.

In 2017 the front reception area in the main administration building and C Block amenities were refurbished. St Luke’s also upgraded over 95% of campus lighting from fluorescent tubes to LED, and installed light and air conditioning sensors and smart remotes to support energy efficiency initiatives.

In 2018, three Secondary Science classrooms will undergo a full refurbishments, as well as the T Block amenities. In addition, an Innovative Classroom/Environment Committee has been established to ensure the planned renovations of classrooms, furniture and equipment across the school is aligned with best teaching practices.