Online Portals

Parent Portal

The new Parent Portal gives parents access to more resources with greater ease and control with the introduction of email addresses as usernames and simpler password resets. With Canvas and Parent Lounge being accessible through the new Portal via a single sign on experience, St Luke’s will be introducing even more information for parents in the future via this updated portal.

If you are accessing the new Parent Portal for the first time, simply click here to perform a first time password setup. At this point in time we have not completed setup of the SMS option so please use the email retrieval method. Once complete you are then able to access the Parent Portal via the link below using your email address as your username and newly set password.

Accessing the new Parent Portal


Parent Lounge

Looking for the old Parent Lounge?

Parent Lounge is a secure information portal for parents to logon using these school-issued credentials to view and edit student and personal details via any modern web browser.

If you are having difficulties accessing either the new Parent Portal or Parent Lounge you can simply contact the IT Helpdesk of St Luke’s via email or by telephone (07) 4132 7522.

Student Portal

Our Student Portal is designed to give all students access to various school related information and files from one convenient point.

This purpose built system provides students with access to their personal email and access to files stored in their computer profiles within the school network, as well as updated timetable information and other related resources.

It is important to note that as this system is provided by the school, all interactions with the system are governed by the School's Use of Electronic Facilities Policy.

Staff Portal

Our Staff Portal is designed to give all Staff access to various school related information and files from one convenient point.