Spirituality and the development of our relationship with God is a strength that we feel proud to have cultivated well here at St Luke’s.

It is our mission to encourage students to grow in their faith as richly as they grow in their academic knowledge and mature as spirited citizens of the world. We work to inspire students to develop a keen desire to know more about God, and understand how their faith intersects with other aspects of their daily lives.

Ethics and Faith classes have undertaken this task with great success, while regular worship provides students with an opportunity to explore their own inter-personal experience of faith. It is also through the ongoing interactions that occur naturally between committed staff - who present a positive example of faith - and students, many of whom are a strong inspiration to others.

“Chaplaincy is what makes St Luke's not just another high school. Chaplaincy creates a positive environment for the students to grow up in. The weekly worship services help to promote the Christian lifestyle at school. Chaplaincy guides people towards the Truth.”
“I have enjoyed working by Father Iain’s side taking part in the progression of school worships and seeing students learn and strengthen their belief in Christian living and God.”