Quality Teaching

All St Luke’s staff are committed to provide the best opportunity for your children to reach their highest potential. Research proves that it is the quality of teaching that impacts the student’s ability to achieve to their highest capacity.

The passion of our teachers here at St Luke’s is reflected in the quality of learning they provide. We strive to continuously improve St Luke’s teaching practice by engaging our staff in professional development, and reflection of our school’s performance.

My children want to come back on a daily basis. Their well rounded education and the opportunities this school offers them are great. This school makes good citizens to go out into the community.

Advancements in technology has constantly altered the way we work, live and study, and our teachers actively stay abreast of the latest computer science trends. St Luke’s facilities and staff are equipped with the very latest in technology which they apply creatively and effectively toward our established teaching and learning principles. As a result, students here at St Luke’s are granted the capacity and confidence to adapt to the changing terrain of communication and technology - a skill that is crucial for success, both in the workplace and as global citizens.

Central to our teaching and learning program is the art and Science of St Luke’s teaching framework that underpins the academic curriculum and empowers our students to transform into independent scholars. It is an innovative program that promotes the development of higher-order thinking, intelligent behaviour, and a dedication to learning throughout our student’s life.

We highly value the quality and integrity of our teachers and support them in keeping up-to-date with the latest teaching practices and techniques. Our teachers are renowned for working in partnerships with parents and children in order to help each student achieve his or her personal best.