Speech Night Awards

Academic Awards – Year 7

Subject Award and/or Principal’s Certificates

(Note: SA = Subject Award; PC = Principal’s Certificate)

Mason Ahlers - Music (SA)

Declan Bertoli - Engineering Technology (PC)

Keira Bosch - Engineering Technology (PC)

Owen Collins - Humanities (PC), Mathematics (PC)

Frances Corpe - Health & Physical Education (PC)

Aiden Davidson - Health & Physical Education (SA), Digital Technology (PC), Drama (PC)

Isabella Gill - Art (SA), Digital Technology (SA), English (PC), Health & Physical Education (PC), Humanities (PC)

Lara-Jane Hancock - Drama (PC), Music (PC)

Emily Hocking - Engineering Technology (SA), English (SA),

Art (PC), Health & Physical Education (PC), Mathematics (PC), Science (PC)

Mihir Jha - Science (PC)

Fiona Logan - Drama (SA)

Stephen Mondia – Japanese (PC)

Jett Murdoch - Humanities (SA), Japanese (SA), Science (SA),

Art (PC), English (PC)

Genelle Ong - English (PC)

Montanna Read – Japanese (PC)

Matthew Robertson - Mathematics (PC)

Ava Ryan - Digital Technology (PC), Humanities (PC),

Science (PC)

Stanley Shearer - Mathematics (SA)

Karan Singh - Engineering Technology (PC), Japanese (PC)

Stirling Thomas - Music (PC)

Academic Awards – Year 8

Subject Award and/or Principal’s Certificate

(Note: SA = Subject Award; PC = Principal’s Certificate)

Tahsin Ahmed - English (SA)

Lachlan Barrett – Food Technology (PC)

Luca Bowe - Health & Physical Education (PC)

Christopher Dingley - Music (PC)

Phoebe Ellem - Food Technology (PC)

Danielle Farthing - Music (SA)

Alexandra Geiger - English (PC), Health & Physical Education (PC), Japanese (PC)

Haydon Grave - Food Technology (SA), Drama (PC)

Gabrielle Hart - Art (PC)

Ruby Herkes - Drama (PC)

Lachlan Hocking - Humanities (SA), Science (SA), Digital Technology (PC), Health & Physical Education (PC), Music (PC)

Jaime Krueger - Health & Physical Education (SA)

Dayne Mortimer - Science (PC)

Nicholas Newton - Japanese (PC)

Jordan Rewald - Art (SA), Drama (SA), Engineering Technology (SA) Japanese (SA)

Lachlan Robertson - Mathematics (PC)

Abigail Schmidt - Mathematics (SA), Digtal Technology (PC), Humanities (PC), Science (PC)

Rube Timmons – Engineering Technology (PC)

Shika Umesh - Humanities (PC), Science (PC)

Megan van der Westhuizen - English (PC), Humanities (PC)

Fu Chengxiu Wang - Art (PC), English (PC), Mathematics (PC), Multi Media Arts (PC)

Georgia Weston - Food Technology (PC), Mathematics (PC)

Charlie Wyeth - Digtal Technology (SA), Multi Media Arts (SA), Engineering Technology (PC), Humanities (PC)

Academic Awards – Year 9

Subject Award and/or Principal’s Certificate

(Note: SA = Subject Award; PC = Principal’s Certificate)

Nawshaba Ahmed - English (SA), Humanities (SA), Multi Media Arts (SA), Science (SA), Digital Technology (PC), Japanese (PC), Mathematics (PC)

Tessa Bryden - Humanities (PC)

Hamish Corpe - Multi Media Arts (PC)

Riley Dallas – Food Technology (SA), Health & Physical Education (SA), Japanese (SA), English (PC), Mathematics (PC)

Taylah Halpin - Drama (SA)

Jorji Kemp - Engineering Technology (PC)

Marianna Konopka - Engineering Technology (SA), Food Technology (PC), Health & Physical Education (PC), Science (PC)

Hein Kuyler - Music (SA), Food Technology (PC), Health & Physical Education (PC), Humanities (PC)

Murray Macpherson - Health & Physical Education (PC)

Tess Murray - Art (SA), Mathematics (PC), Music (PC),

Science (PC)

Keeley O'Mara - Digital Technology (PC)

Jessie Richards – Food Technology (PC), Music (PC)

Isabella Roberts - Multi Media Arts (PC)

Ellen Thomas - Drama (PC), English (PC), Humanities (PC), Japanese (PC), Science (PC)

Mercedes Thomas - Mathematics (SA), Art (PC), Drama (PC)

Bonny Treloar – Art (PC), English (PC)

Lauchlan Wyeth - Engineering Technology (PC)

Kael Yunus - Digital Technology (SA)

Year 8 and 9 St Luke’s Medals

The St Luke’s Medal is presented annually to recognise the achievements and efforts of students from Years 8 to 12, who have given of their utmost in many areas of school life.

The students receiving these awards will be presented in year levels, and I would ask that you hold your applause until each year level has received their awards.

Hein Kuyler

Marianna Konopka

Murray Macpherson

Keeley O’Mara

Ellen Thomas

The Central Queensland University Middle School Dux Award

Nawshaba Ahmed

Middle School Leaders for 2018

Leadership Role

Student Names

Chapel Leader

Lachlan Barrett

Megan van der Westhuizen

Service Leader

Lilly-May Thorne

Abigail Schmidt

Cultural Leader

Jordan Rewald

Charlotte Wyeth

Sports Leader

Alexander Geiger

Lachlan Hocking

Browning House Leader

Phoebe Ellem

Hayden Grave

Hoog House Leader

Jaime Krueger

Demi-Lee Roebuck

Morris House Leader

Benjamin Geiger

Hurley Gatley

Noble House Leader

David Stevens

Dayne Mortimer

Academic Awards – Year 10

Subject Award and/or Principal’s Certificate

(Note: SA = Subject Award; PC = Principal’s Certificate)

Sophie Ainsworth - German (PC)

Nicholas Barrett - Health & Physical Education (PC)

Sara Bilwani - Drama (SA), English (SA), Business Enterprise (PC), Humanities (PC), Mathematics (PC), Science (PC)

Christi Conradie - English (PC)

Isabelle Hocking - Business Enterprise (PC), Graphics (PC), Music (PC)

Skyla Jensen - Mathematics (PC)

Emma Liebenberg - Business Enterprise (SA), Catering (SA), Science (SA)

Bridie McEwan - English (PC), Humanities (PC), Japanese (PC), Science (PC)

Lucy Milbank - Art (PC)

Alliahn Norris - Business Enterprise (PC), Catering (PC)

Manjeera Ramadas – The EH & FC Churchward Sugar Cane Technology Award for Year 10 Graphics (SA), Engineering Technology (SA), Japanese (SA), Mathematics (SA), Science (PC)

Annebelle Sandker-van Grunsven - Engineering Technology (PC)

Jael Sitte - German (SA), Humanities (SA), Music (SA), Drama (PC)

Danielle Taylor - Health & Physical Education (SA)

Ella Wilkinson - Art (SA)

Academic Awards – Year 11

Subject Award and/or Principal’s Certificate

(Note: SA = Subject Award; PC = Principal’s Certificate)

Michael Bryden - Industrial Technology (SA)

Kira-Lea Cathcart - Drama (SA), Visual Art (SA), Ancient History (PC)

Isabella Chesham - Senior Physical Education (SA), Chemistry (PC), Legal Studies (PC)

Jessica Cross - Geography (SA), Modern History (SA)

Myles Draganoff - Hospitality Practices (SA)

Annie English - Visual Art (PC)

Jarrod Grave - Senior Technology Studies (SA), Graphics (PC)

Olivia Hadley - Japanese (SA)

Jaimee Joiner - English (SA), Hospitality Studies (SA), Mathematics B (SA), Mathematics C (SA), Biology (PC)

Lilly Keen - Mathematics A (PC)

Dalnette Kuyler - German (SA), Music (SA), The Payne Butler Lang Award for Legal Studies (SA), Mathematics A (PC), Senior Physical Education (PC)

Charles Liebenberg - C2G Financial Services Award for Accounting (SA), English (PC), Mathematics B (PC), Mathematics C (PC)

Cameron Macpherson - Japanese (PC), Physics (PC)

Logan Marcus - Chemistry (SA)

Samuel Marshall - Ancient History (SA)

Harry Neubecker - Modern History (PC)

Di Song Nguyen - English Communication (PC)

Lisa Phillips – Accounting (PC)

Zack Phillips - Mathematics A (SA), English (PC)

Brayden Rewald - Biology (SA), English (PC), Mathematics B (PC)

Aradhana Samuel - German (PC)

Eden Smith – Drama (PC)

Zoe Sobczak - Chemistry (PC), Hospitality Studies (PC), Senior Physical Education (PC)

Danelle Swanepoel - Geography (PC)

James Thomas - Graphics (SA), Physics (SA), Senior Technology Studies (PC)

Beste Uruz - Hospitality Studies (PC)

Macey Warren - English Communication (SA), Prevocational Maths (PC)

Charlie Williams - Music (PC)

Academic Awards – Year 12

Subject Award and/or Principal’s Certificate

(Note: SA = Subject Award; PC = Principal’s Certificate)

Hayley Austin - Mathematics A (PC), Senior Physical Education (PC)

Anika Aziz - The Johnstone Award for Biology (SA), The Central Queensland University Award for Chemistry (SA), The Central Queensland University Award for English (SA), Physics (SA), Mathematics B (PC), Mathematics C (PC)

Evan Caville - Japanese (PC), Senior Physical Education (PC)

Kaitlin Crook - Japanese (SA), Mathematics C (SA), Ancient History (PC), Chemistry (PC), English (PC), Mathematics B (PC)

Thomas Duffy - Legal Studies (PC), Music (PC), Music Extension (PC)

Ellie Goodfellow - Accounting (PC), Graphics (PC)

Ronny Hobi - German (SA)

Corben Kemp - English Communication (SA)

Michalina Konopka - Music (SA), Music Extension (SA), Biology (PC), Physics (PC)

Mitchell Laughlin - The Central Queensland University Award for Mathematics B (SA)

Acacia McConnell - Ancient History (SA), Biology (PC), Drama (PC), English (PC), Legal Studies (PC)

Pia McLean - The Central Queensland University Award for Mathematics A (SA)

Isabella Mergard - Visual Art (SA)

Sabina Murchie – C2G Financial Services Award for Accounting (SA), Graphics (SA), Hospitality Studies (PC)

Molly Nelson - The Central Queensland University Award for Senior Technology Studies (SA)

Elizabeth Newell - Accounting (PC), Hospitality Studies (PC)

Gordon Pegg - Hospitality Practices (SA), Industrial Technology (SA)

Tristan Rankin - English Communication (PC)

Tyler Schussler - The Central Queensland University Award for Hospitality Studies (SA)

Bryn Setch - German (PC), Modern History (PC)

Shanae Spry - Mathematics A (PC), Senior Technology Studies (PC)

Katherine Stevens - The Payne Butler Lang Award for Legal Studies (SA), Modern History (SA)

Rebecca Swift - The Central Queensland University Award for Senior Physical Education (SA)

Dayna Williams - Drama (SA), English (PC), Visual Art (PC)

Academic Colours

As per St Luke’s Anglican School Criteria for awarding Academic Colours contained in the School’s policy documentation, only Year 12 Academic Colours are awarded on Speech Night. These Colours are based upon the results from the September R6 data. After the end of Semester 2 2017 information will be collected, and students in Years 7 to 11 who are eligible for Academic Colours will be identified. These students will be presented with Academic Colours at a special Academic Colours Assembly early in 2018.

Year 12 – Full Colours

Anika Aziz

Kaitlin Crook

Thomas Duffy

Michalina Konopka

Acacia McConnell

Sabina Murchie

Katherine Stevens

Year 12 – Half Colours

Evan Caville

Ellie Goodfellow

Mitchell Laughlin

Pia McLean

Molly Nelson

Elizabeth Newell

Tyler Schussler

Shanae Spry

Catherine van der Walt

Dayna Williams

Senior St Luke’s Medals

These Medals are presented annually to recognise the achievements and efforts of students from Years 8 to 12, who have given of their utmost in many areas of school life. In order to select the recipients, the School looked at students who made significant contributions in the academic, co-curricular and pastoral life of the School. These selected students are the true all-rounders.

Year 10

Will Felesina

Logan Tinney

Ella Wilkinson

Charlie Williams

Year 11

Jaimee Joiner

Dalnette Kuyler

Cameron Macpherson

James Thomas

Beste Uruz

Year 12

Sabina Murchie

Elizabeth Newell


St Luke’s Art Prize

This prize is an annual acquisition prize awarded to a Visual Art student from either the Middle or Senior Schools.

Katherine Stevens

Katherine’s work “Unnamed” is a mixed media statement on the contemporary humanitarian crisis being experienced by refugees worldwide. It specifically references the deal whereby asylum seekers who sought refuge in Australia are held in detention centers on Manus Island and Nauru. Under a deal struck with the previous US President these people were to be shipped to the US.

The work is comprised of a collage featuring Donald Trump, Malcolm Turnbull and Minister for Immigration, Peter Dutton, walking alongside a group of asylum seekers whose figures are edged in gold. A digital collage of Donald Trump’s tweets on the deal and his perceived need to build a wall between US and Mexico to stop asylum seekers getting into the US, is projected as a frame around the image. A sound recording supports the work with recordings of the US President’s statements on refugees and Mexicans, contrasted by a lone voice calling for a more humanitarian approach to solving the crisis.

The Stylesetter Office National Middle School Citizenship Award

Keeley O’Mara

This award is designed to recognise consistently exceptional service given both in the classroom and within the broader school community. The recipient of this award shows friendship, care and respect for others at all times. Additional criteria may include such attributes as leadership qualities, care of animals or the environment, involvement in charity activities and contribution to cultural or service events.

In 2017, Keeley received a Service Award, Half Colours for Service and Half Colours for Cultural. She is a dedicated Middle School leader of Browning House and is involved in many areas of School life across Academia, Sport, Culture and Service. She is a strong abundance mentality, meaning she always puts others ahead of herself. This is exemplified by such things as marching in the Anzac Day Ceremony, Captaining a Relay for Life team and attending the Bundaberg Regional Council Youth Summit. Keeley always leads by example and is a worthy recipient of the Middle School Citizenship Award.

The Johnstone Family Middle School Best All Rounder

Ellen Thomas

This award, donated by the Johnstone Family, is presented to a Middle School student who is an outstanding role model in terms of participation, attitude and achievement. The School would encourage all others to follow the example of the recipient.

Ellen is an outstanding role model to her peers. She embraces many of the opportunities in Sport, Culture, Service and Academics afforded at St Luke’s Anglican School. She is an exemplary Middle School Leader of Morris House, and is always willing to put her hand up to participate and help. Ellen is also achieving very strong academic results across her suite of subjects.

Year 7 Croft Award

Jett Murdoch

Owen Collins

This Award is presented to a male and a female all-rounder at Year 7 level. These two students should have made an outstanding contribution to school life during the year. The student should be high academic achievers (at least A- average) and should have made a significant contribution to the co-curricular life of the School in both cultural and sporting areas. These students should display good citizenship.

Jett has been involved in Junior Singers and the Junior String Ensemble. She has also represented the School in sport and academic pursuits. She has also maintained excellent academic grades this year.

Owen has represented St Luke’s Anglican School in multiple sports this year, participated in academic competitions, a Service activity and is also a percussionist in the Junior Concert Band. Despite his extensive commitment to the co-curricular life of the School, he has also sustained strong academic results.

The Sustained Effort Award in the Middle School Donated by the O’Brien Family

Joshua Marinelli

This award is presented to a student in the Middle School who has consistently displayed an outstanding effort towards their studies, resulting in a measurable improvement over the course of the year. The student will have displayed courage and tenacity to achieve challenging goals, exhibited great pride in their work, and shown personal growth through persistence and commitment to their studies. The recipient’s attitude to his or her studies will reflect the Performance component of “The St Luke’s Way”.

The Sustained Effort Award in the Senior School Donated by the Akers Family

Michael Bryden

This award is presented to a student in the Senior School who has consistently displayed an outstanding effort towards their studies, resulting in a measurable improvement over the course of the year. The student will have displayed courage and tenacity to achieve challenging goals, exhibited great pride in their work, and shown personal growth through persistence and commitment to their studies. The recipient’s attitude to his or her studies will reflect the Performance component of “The St Luke’s Way”.

The Christian Living Award

This Award is divided into two sections – for students in Years 7 to 9, and then for students in Years 10 to 12. This Award is presented to a student (in Years 7 to 9; and in Years 10 to 12) who is actively involved and supportive of Worship and Ethics & Faith at St Luke’s Anglican School and has shown leadership skills.

Murray Macpherson (Years 7 to 9)

Ryan Templeman (Years 10 to 12)

Ryan is our current Chapel Leader. Ryan is always front and centre at any of the Worship or Service events or activities organised at St Luke's. He is an excellent role model for the younger students and leads in an unassuming and gentle manner. He is respected by many younger students, as well as his peers, and lives his life in a Christian way. He attends Weekend Worship fortnightly and was present at the Chaplaincy Breakfast this year and has grown in understanding of both his Christian faith and his ability to care for others. He is caring, considerate, compassionate and involved.

The Chaplaincy Award

Marcus van der Westhuizen

This Award goes to a student who shows positive and caring leadership to those younger students in their care.

Marcus has pursued Academic, Cultural, Sporting and Worship Band activities during the year, and has given of his best at all times. Marcus developed his leadership skills this year and this is evident in the respect with which he is held by others. On top of these things, Marcus is always polite and respectful of others and willingly and capably gives of his time, talents and energies.

The Kerrin Bird Award

Catherine van der Walt

This Award goes to a student who is an inspiration to others, faces challenges with fortitude and courage, supports his or her fellow students and genuinely enriches the fabric of the St Luke’s community.

This year Catherine has suffered from some health problems and yet has still managed to achieve excellent results in her subjects as well as obtaining a Certificate 3 in Business and gaining early entry to the University of the Sunshine Coast. She has also supported her fellow students and shown leadership skills in her role as Noble House Captain.

The Central Queensland University Humanities Award

Acacia McConnell

This Award is a component of annual sponsorship from the Central Queensland University and particularly acknowledges excellence in the Humanities subjects.

This year Acacia has achieved excellent results in Ancient History, English and Legal Studies

M & S Cox Plate

Anika Aziz, Year 12

The M & S Cox Plate was donated by Dr Michael Cox, the inaugural Chairman of the School Council and Mrs Sandy Cox. This prize is awarded to a Year 11 or Year 12 student who has presented a significant piece of Science research during the year.

In her Environmental Impact Assessment of a hypothetical development at Mon Repos, Anika showed an in-depth understanding of principles of Ecotourism and the complexity of managing anthropogenic impacts. Critical and statistical analysis of primary data collected over a 12 month period revealed insight into the effectiveness of current management practices and allowed Anika to extrapolate and justify possible impacts of the development. By investigating management strategies from a broad range of sources and discussing how they could be applied to mitigate against possible impacts, Anika was able to integrate information to develop a justified conclusion to ensure sustainability and the preservation of the environment in a responsible manner.

The Andrew and Minnie Christensen Music Bursaries

The award recognising Excellence goes to: Dayne Mortimer

The Encouragement award is presented to two students to be shared one semester each: Nicholas Newton and Laura Branch

These bursaries are designed to foster musical skills in young people who will make the most of this opportunity. They are awarded to students showing commitment and promise. These students must be receiving music tuition through the School.

House Prizes

These are known as the EH & FC Churchward Sugar Industry Bursary for Browning, Hoog, Noble and Morris Houses. House prizes are awarded to students who have served their Houses during the past year in a manner demonstrating developing leadership.

Browning House : Isabelle Hocking

Hoog House: Emma Liebenberg

Morris House: Mollee Loeskow

Noble House: Jael Sitte

The Osborn Memorial Bursary

Zoe Sobczak

The Bursary is awarded annually to a Year 10 or 11 student whose diligence and commitment to the School motto “Faith Performance Honour” is evident and who displays a positive, caring leadership through their dealings with other students.

This year Zoe has been involved in Athletics, Football, Relay for Life and has been Captain of Primary - Year 1. She is always a positive role model and has displayed a caring nature to these younger students. Zoe participates enthusiastically in all activities which she is involved in and has shown a high level of commitment to the School.

The Ferguson Bursaries

Kira-Lea Cathcart and Cameron Macpherson

These Bursaries have been given by the Ferguson family – Jim, and Robyn (who is the immediate past Chair of School Council). These Bursaries are awarded to both a male and female student who has demonstrated their desire to make the best of their school experiences by being involved in a range of activities which has enabled them to experience a real personal growth.

Kira Lee gives 120% and is involved in multiple facets of St Luke's. She is caring, compassionate and determined to make a difference.

Cameron also is involved in all areas of school life including Cultural, Sporting and Academics. He strives continuously for improvement in all areas.

The Hinkler Lions Service Award

Sommer Grave

Hinkler Lions Club has made available to St Luke’s, an annual Award which is in recognition of a student who always gives unquestioning service and commitment to the School.

Although she travels from Agnes Waters, Sommer has been heavily involved in assisting with the Dorcas Soup Kitchen. This year, Sommer has given up much of her time to participate in Service activities. She is a quiet achiever and works efficiently in the background.

The Rotary Club of Bundaberg Sunrise ‘Service Above Self’ Award

Shanae Spry

This Award is made to a student who has displayed a willing and consistent commitment to service in the broader community in a manner which indicates a desire to provide service to others above self.

Shanae is involved in so many aspects of Service it has become 'who she is'. She is a regular volunteer at the Soup Kitchen, Homeless BBQ and multiple other events and organisations outside of school. She regularly volunteers for the Edmund Rice Camps over her school holidays working with youths who have Cancer or are disengaged. Her empathy, compassion, determination and commitment to others is exceptional.

The 2017 Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Awards

Year 10: Isabelle Hocking

Year 12: Connor Morrison

St Luke’s Anglican School takes part in the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Awards.

The Awards program has been created to acknowledge the achievements of young people who have demonstrated outstanding qualities of Leadership and Teamwork within our school and the wider community. Leadership and Teamwork are underpinned by qualities such as supporting others and doing the best you can, which are values the ADF shares with the broader community. This evening, two of our students are recognised for their exemplary demonstration of these values, and show great promise in becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

Gladstone Ports Corporation Bursary

This bursary is awarded to a Year 12 student to assist with continuing education at a tertiary level.

Elizabeth Newell

Elizabeth has willingly committed herself to her Academic, Cultural and Sporting pursuits as well as providing the music for Weekend Worship for the last 4 years on a fortnightly basis. During that time she has experienced a great personal development and growth in her character and abilities. Elizabeth has achieved highly across all of her academic subjects and has applied to continue her studies next year at the University of Queensland.

The Anfin Award

Sabina Murchie

The Anglican Financial Services (ANFIN) Bursary is allocated to a student who has excelled in the academic areas of Accounting and Mathematics. The Bursary is for further education purposes.

Sabina has achieved the highest combined results in Mathematics B and Accounting. She has applied to study next year at Queensland University of Technology.

The Archbishop’s Awards

The Archbishop’s Awards, made available by The Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall, are in the form of a lapel badge and are presented to the School Captains in recognition of leadership of the student body and they are the recipients of the 2017 Archbishop’s Awards

Dayna Williams

Evan Caville

The Mayor’s Medals

These Medals are awarded to a Senior male and female student who exemplify to the School community the characteristics of the good citizen. These medals area are awarded to:

Ronny Hobi

Dayna Williams

The Deer Leadership Award

Molly Nelson

This Award is donated by Russell Deer, who was Head of Campus from 1997 until mid-2008. The Award recognises outstanding leadership in the Senior School. It is presented to a student who has shown outstanding leadership and initiative during their time in the Senior School.

As Morris House Captain, Molly has been an inspiration to others. She has been creative with new initiatives and inclusive in decision making. The younger students in Morris all look up to her and regard her in high esteem. Molly is non-judgemental and always positive. She has lead by example and experienced success along the way.

The Caltex Best All Rounder

Sabina Murchie

This Award is presented to a Senior student who is an outstanding role model in terms of participation, attitude and achievement.

Sabina is a leader, keen rower, plays clarinet and achieves academic excellence across her subjects. She regularly leads younger students at Sporting and Cultural events. Sabina never gives up. She works hard to achieve academically and gets involved in multiple facets of St Luke's. She works behind the scenes and is a quiet achiever. Her outstanding achievements across all areas is admirable.

The Carter Cup (Combined with the Central Queensland University Award)

This Award marks the culmination of many years of hard work by a student in their Senior year of schooling.

In 2017, this Award is combined with a significant cash component generously made available by the Central Queensland University.

Anika Aziz

Senior Leaders 2018

School Captain

James Thomas

School Captain

Zoe Sobczak

Academic Captain

Jessica Cross

Chapel Captain

Nicola Keidge

Cultural Captain

Kira-Lea Cathcart

House Captain (Browning)

Tamika Brennan

House Captain (Hoog)

Dalnette Kuyler

House Captain (Morris)

Julia Baren

House Captain (Noble)

Cameron Macpherson

Service Captain

Jaimee Joiner

Sports Captain

Matthew Sobczak