St Luke’s Lands on The Australian Newspaper’s Top 50 Regional Schools in Australia List

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According to a list published in The Australian Newspaper recently, St Luke’s Anglican School is one of the best 50 schools in regional Australia. There were only seven schools in Queensland to receive this honour.

Head of Middle School Ryan Collins is not surprised. “I believe St Luke's Anglican School provides a learning environment where the uniqueness of each and every student is taken into account,” he said. “Teachers have a very close interest in the individual learner, and our curriculum is tailored to cater for diversity and to ensure inclusiveness.”

St Luke’s provides many opportunities for staff to develop their skills and ensure that their teaching and learning is at the cutting edge of 21st Century educational practices.

“Being a country school, we are able to provide a lovely learning environment where there is also a very strong sense of community and togetherness,” Ryan added.

“Our teachers are highly professional and will always go the extra mile for the students in their care.”

St Luke’s appreciates the recognition. Their strength - attitude of care, attention to inclusiveness, and ensuring teachers maintain their passion for education through on-going education – is The St Luke’s Way.