​St Luke’s Students are Leading Today for a Better Tomorrow.

Today’s 24-hour technology era presents new opportunities and challenges in how we educate and prepare young people to meaningfully take their place in the world.

Their education should help them acquire the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes necessary to adapt and thrive in a globalised society. Tackling the big issues that are affecting our planet will require a generation of innovative leaders. And that leadership needs to be demonstrated by many, rather than just a few.

We need creative people who actively participate in our democratic society. We need people who care about human rights, and who recognise that our lives are linked and interdependent. We need people who search for a deeper spiritual meaning for their life.

Schools play a unique role in society as a transitional place for children. Author Thomas Sergiovanni said it best when he wrote that “schools stand between the subjective and protected environment of the family and the objective, exposed environment of the outside world”.

School communities need to be inclusive and nurturing, rather than exclusive and alienating. People who are proactive with their lives have a positive impact on others. We know that people will rise to meet opportunities when they are allowed to be positively involved and play to their individual strengths.

At St Luke’s Anglican School, students are given many opportunities to develop their leadership skills, attitudes and abilities. Our definition of leadership spreads further than just the formal leadership positions across our Primary, Middle and Senior schools.

Our students demonstrate leadership every day. They lead by being positively involved in many different activities; by being great role models and great team members.

They lead by giving their time and energy to causes and events that help others in our local and global community.

They lead by learning more about each other; by being caring and compassionate; by being patient and accepting of others and hearing different perspectives.

They lead by being inclusive of others; by living out their sense of faith and spirituality.

A leader is not someone who tells. A leader is someone who inspires and guides.

Congratulations to our 2020 School Leaders on being appointed to formal positions of responsibility. They have worked hard and shown themselves to possess the qualities our fast-paced, ever-changing society needs.

Congratulations are also in order for all the St Luke’s Anglican School students who demonstrate leadership each day by doing the very best they can in their endeavours.

Mr Craig Merritt


St Luke’s Anglican School

Primary Leaders:

  • Chapel Leaders: Coco Booyse, Arielle Labuscagne, Laci McLucas, Cianna Mergard, Ruby-Rose Nguyen and Hannah Tritton
  • House Leaders (Browning): Maya Panchapakesan and Nicholas De Lacy
  • House Leaders (Hoog): Layla Collins Thomas Benham
  • House Leaders (Morris): Lola Wood and Jack Johnson
  • ouse Leaders (Noble): Cassidy Parsons and Cohen Palmer

Middle School Leaders:

  • Chapel Leaders: Danielle Robert and Hunter Nowland
  • Cultural Leader: Reid McWha
  • House Leaders (Browning): Gokce Gorkem and Telea Roberts
  • House Leaders (Hoog): Asia Heaps and Monica Hung
  • House Leaders (Morris): Alice Sephton and Joseph Vella
  • House Leaders (Noble): Safi Hossain and Sienna Clark
  • Service Leaders: Annie Ellem and Wilhemina MacLennan
  • Sports Leaders: Benjamin Rudd, Jasmine Gill and McKenzie Kersnovske

Senior School Leaders:

  • School Captains: Ellen Thomas and Hein Kuyler
  • Academic Captain: Tess Murray
  • Chapel Captain: Tyler De Been
  • Cultural Captain: Mercedes Thomas
  • House Captain (Browning): Isabella Roberts
  • House Captain (Hoog): Mia Pafumi
  • House Captain (Morris): Riley Chesham
  • House Captain (Noble): Murray Mcpherson
  • Service Captain: Charlotte Baldry
  • Sports Captain: Marianna Konopka