School Photos Monday 8 & Tuesday 9 August

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It's that time of the year again! Shine your shoes and press your shirts!

School photos will be taken on Monday 8 August and Tuesday 9 August.

ELC photos will be taken on Monday 8, Tuesday 9 and Thursday 1 September.

Middle and Senior Sports Team photos will be taken Wednesday 10 August.

Primary Sports Team photos will be taken on Friday 12 August.

As always, students are expected to wear the School uniform with pride and distinction.


Full formal uniform is required. All boys are required to wear a white shirt, appropriate tie, navy long trousers (Middle School boys can wear school shorts) and a plain black belt. Formal uniform for all Senior students includes a blazer with girls required to wear stockings. Middle School students are required to wear the School badge.

Girls hair must be tied back. Hair accessories must be white, navy blue, green, school tartan or black. Boys hair must be combed, neat and above the collar. All boys are required to be clean shaven. Fringes must not be able to fall forward for all students.

Girls may wear natural looking moisturiser; however, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blusher or tinted lip gloss are not permitted. Girls can wear a small plain pair of gold or silver sleepers or studs. Nail polish must be colourless.

Black school shoes need to be polished.


Day uniform is required to be worn. Hair and ear accessories are the same as stated above for Senior School students. School navy socks with green bands are to be worn folded over.

Black school shoes need to be polished.


Children are to wear their ELC St Luke's Anglican School T-shirts.


Sibling photos will be on offer again this year and will be taken nice and early from 7.45am to 8.30am on Monday 8 August and Tuesday 9 August. You will need to pick up a sibling order form and pay for these separately. These order forms are available at the ELC, Primary School office and main office from Monday 25 July. Payment will be due by Friday 5 August.

Sibling photos will be at the parent's expense and must be prepaid either online with a credit card or by placing the exact amount in the envelope provided.

Parents are not required to book for this event, but will need to wait in line with their children.

If we can help you with any further information please contact the School by calling 4132 7555 or you can email direct at