Makerspace: an Innovative, Technologically Fluent Space

Makerspace Article

Makerspace is a dedicated creative space within the St Luke’s Learning Hub where students can play, tinker, take risks, fail, reflect, persevere and succeed.

How fortuitious that the philosophy of Makerspace aligns perfectly with St Luke’s own school vision, to be a dynamic school of learners who aspire to realise their potential and embrace the future with confidence.

Budding St Luke’s learners use the Makerspace environment to explore, practice and refine many of the valuable skills they require for their future - the ability to collaborate, think critically, innovate, integrate and create technologies to solve real world problems.

The vital elements of this convivial Makerspace include hands-on design experiences, self-directed learning, and the development of technological fluency in a collaborative environment.

Whether it be coding new games using Scratch, creating media projects with claymation, making lego vehicles, or designing paper planes to travel the furthest distance, Makerspace encourages children to be innovators, create something original, explore their own ideas, solve problems and reflect on their learning.

St Luke’s students have stormed the Makerspace with their creative ideas and enterprise since it opened last year. Head of Primary Jane Bridges adores the new addition to the Learning Hub. “It certainly creates a buzz of enthusiasm and energy,” she said. “It enriches the learning that takes place here.”