St Luke’s Library to Become a Hub for Learning, Creativity and Inspiration

Libraries, once the beating heart of the printed form, are evolving to accommodate the hurried evolution of how children receive and pursue education. Learning is transforming into e-learning research, while electronic documents are now perceived to have more currency (therefore accuracy) than the printed page.

Inspired by the progressive ways that children access unlimited sources of information, St Luke’s very own library is undergoing its own transformation into a Learning Hub, an engaging environment for all students, from the ELC to seniors. Fun furniture has been ordered, while moveable desks and monitors have been brought in over the holidays.

In time, most schools will have an environment that has more noise and more 'mess' to cultivate longer stays and deeper learning

This space will see students access lego, robotics laptops and Chromebooks for programming, Scratch, electronics, Minecraft, items for craft. Further goals will be to provide 3D printing facilities. The library’s metamorphosis has begun and will continue throughout term 4, and ready for the start of school next year.