Keep Our Kids Safer With the New Policelink App


With the world moving their modus operandi online, major community services have come on board too. The new Policelink App is now the fastest way that you can report non-urgent matters to police.

Policelink is the most efficient way that community members can contact police for any non-life-threatening issue. The system helps police improve their response time and their ability to serve the community.

St Luke’s Adopted Cop Sergeant Meg Owens hopes to see the App installed in all students’ phones. “Having Policelink App installed in your children’s phone provides them with a tool to assist police,” she said. “The user interface offers App users the ability to record images, read alerts, tell emergency services their exact location, and know the location of their nearest police station.”

Policelink is designed to receive all non-urgent matters that require police involvement. Response time is proven to be faster using the App or calling Policelink on 131444.

Downloading Policelink App (available on Android or iphone) takes less than 60 seconds. You can find Policelink App in the App store and is free to download.