Hi-Tech Primary School

Primary Tech Article

This fast-changing, high tech world will be vastly different when our children are old enough to innovate many of our societal structures and assume the mantle of guardianship; and the scope through which they will evolve our world will be technology.

From the first days of Prep, St Luke’s students access much of their curriculum through technology. Prep students research, play, and curate collaborative works using a class set of iPads. In Primary school, each student receives a Chromebook, which allows teachers and students the flexibility to use technology when it can enhance the learning experience.

Primary classrooms are also equipped with interactive touch panel displays, where students can engage and manipulate learning tools using their fingers.

St Luke’s is a G Suite for Education school. This means that students are able to access the same set of technology tools and resources on or off campus. To open a document or spreadsheet, create a presentation, or edit a video, students can connect to their unlimited cloud storage anytime, from anywhere.

The Fun Side of Technology

Some of the best learning programs have been gamified, which means that learning objectives are presented to students as if it were a game. Popular learning programs at St Luke’s Primary include Reading Eggs and Mathletics. Aside from making learning fun, these programs are designed to effectively respond to areas of learning where a student seeks to gain more understanding. In a class of 20 or more students, such effective responsiveness would have been difficult to achieve by one teacher in the previous paradigm of chalk and talk.

This year, St Luke's was well placed to be one of the first school's in the country to perform NAPLAN tests online.