Early Learning Centre - Innovative and Nurturing

Elc Article

St Luke’s Early Learning Centre is known locally for their passionate educators who are innovative, inspiring and nurture the children to be ready for learning throughout their school years.

Our aim is to provide positive and inviting learning environments that inspire children to develop a love of learning. Play-based activities make learning flexible and open-ended. With this understanding, our passionate and experienced teachers at the Early Learning Centre promote a positive and creative disposition in the youngest of the school community, serving them well in their future learning years.

Beyond academic ability, that is the traditional standard of assessing school readiness in young children, our teachers understand the importance of social and emotional readiness. Establishing positive friendships is an important development goal of early childhood.

Mrs Donaldson, Director of Early Learning Centre commented, “Friendships established during the preschool years create valuable contexts to learn and practice skills essential to children’s social, cognitive, communicative and emotional development.” Encouraging successful friendships in early childhood contribute to children’s quality of life and are considered important to life adjustment.

You’ll find happy children in a nurturing environment, enjoying genuine relationships with caring teachers who facilitate creative play and quality learning experiences.