Secret to Studying Success

Duxofschool Article

WANT to know the secret ingredient for top marks from the school Dux at one of Bundaberg’s top schools?

Sarah Cross, the recipient of the award for the highest-ranking student at St Luke’s Anglican School says it is simply “hard work”.

There is no magic formula or short cuts that can be taken to get to the top and it requires hours of dedication every day. Sarah, who has recently finished her final exams, estimates she did about five hours of homework and study a day outside of school hours.

“I made the decision that I am at school to get good results so I might as well make the best of it,” Sarah said.

The Agnes Water resident also had to spend about four hours a day on a bus getting to school and back. But she decided her final year was the time to knuckle down and focus and the big partying could happen later. “I didn’t do the whole big party thing,” she said.

Her mum, Carolyn, said “Sarah wasn’t always top of the class.” But she had the advantage of “always being a hard worker”. “A lot of other kids got distracted with parties in the last few years, but Sarah stayed consistent and worked hard.”

Sarah attributed some of her motivation and focus to being part of a “really good school” where you can “realise the value of hard work”.

Achieving top grades has opened many doors of possibility for further study next year. Sarah has decided to pursue her passion for marine biology. The keen snorkeller will be studying at James Cook University in Townsville.

“She is really interested in it, she likes the adventure side of things,” her mum said. “We live at Agnes Water and it may have had something to do with the turtles that live here. When she was growing up, she was really aware of them and watching the turtles come in may have sparked her interest in marine biology.”

With the final exams behind her, Sarah has the opportunity to complete a dive course in the holidays.