Code Club: Essential Skills for our Digital World

Code Club Article

After school activities are more popular than ever at St Luke’s Anglican School. School leaders host a variety of programs in sport, tutoring, dance, as well as the hugely popular Code Club.

Code Club offers students a fun and challenging environment in which they can learn about coding and develop computational thinking. Such facilities are fast becoming a required skill set that students need in order to maximise their opportunities within and beyond formal education.

During Code Club, students explore programming software such as Scratch, which guides users through progressively more difficult animations and games. In Terms 2 and 3, Code Club students will apply their tech knowledge toward programming EV3 LEGO® robots.

Code Club is a complementary resource for all students who wish to explore the Digital Technologies cirriculum. Challenges are presented in the form of tasks and projects out of which students need to design appropriate creative solutions.

Modern rapid development tools, such as Scratch, provide students with the satisfying experience of implementing a design and testing it. If their design fails, Code Club students are given the invaluable opportunity to re-think, re-make, re-test, and persevere until they create a successful outcome.