Beyond High School: Setting School Leavers Up for Success

Careers Article

St Luke’s staff commit four years guiding students to discover their personal strengths and the career opportunities that are best suited to their abilities. Out of such a thorough examination, St Luke’s graduates leave high school surefooted and confident that they have chosen the right career path, since all options - from traditional tertiary education to the countless opportunities that school leavers are now afforded - would have been thoroughly explored.

Year 9 students participate in a four week Pastoral Care program which elegantly ties into their Personal Development classes.

Year 10 students engage in fortnightly 70 minute Careers class that focuses on natural ability testing, resume writing, work experience, subject selection and Senior Educational Training (SET) planning.

In the final senior years, students are given access to private interviews and career guidance with the Director of Student Services and Careers, Peter Robinson, as well as the Head of Senior School, Robyn Deer. Both experienced career professionals use these interviews to focus on each student’s uniqueness, their aspirations, strengths, and skill.

“Whether it is a pathway for university, a trade, the Defence Force, or a gap year, we will offer individual advice on what we think best fits the individual,” said Peter Robinson.

A number of senior students are completing certificate courses in Business or Health and Fitness through registered RTOs,” added Robyn Deer. “Some students attend TAFE on certain school days while others participate in the Start University Now (SUN) courses through CQ University.”

“We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Mr Robinson. “Instead, we take an individual approach to assist every student on their unique career journey.”